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What is X-Ray for Movies & TV Shows?

X-Ray for Movies & TV Shows lets you access actor bios, background information, and more from the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) directly onscreen.

X-Ray for Movies and TV Shows is available for selected Amazon Video titles on the following devices:

  • Prime Video website
  • Android & iOS mobile devices

If a movie or TV show has X-Ray available, you'll see an X-Ray options in the player window.

While a video is playing, X-Ray "Quick View" details display in-time with the video playback anytime you interact with the player window. Selecting View All pauses the video and allows you to view all available X-Ray details for that video. Website

  • To show X-Ray - Move your mouse over the player window to show all playback options, including the X-ray panel on the left side. You can select anything in the X-Ray panel to expand it, or select View All to pause video playback and open a fullscreen view of X-Ray.

    Note: To hide or unhide the X-Ray panel while streaming from the website, select the X-Ray icon in the top left. Hiding/un-hiding X-Ray persists through to the next time you watch an X-Ray compatible video.

  • To return to Playback - The X-Ray panel and playback controls close automatically when you're not using your mouse to interact with the playback window. If you've opened the fullscreen X-Ray view, you can click the Close button ("X" icon) to resume playback.

Note: X-Ray features are only available with an HTML5 web player. To learn more, go to System Requirements for Computers.

Mobile Devices (Fire tablets, Android & iOS)

  • To show X-Ray - Tap anywhere on your screen during video playback to show X-Ray details. Tap View All to pause playback and open a fullscreen view of X-Ray.
  • To hide X-Ray - Tap anywhere outside the X-Ray details window on your screen to hide X-Ray. If you've opened the fullscreen X-Ray view, you can tap the Close button ("X" icon) to resume playback.

X-Ray Features

Here are some of the features available with X-Ray:

Scenes & In Scene
Get a list of scenes for the movie or TV show you're watching, as well as information about what's currently playing in a scene, including cast and character details, trivia, and more.

Note: In-Scene is available only on the iOS app.

Get actor information, including bios and filmographies.
Get background information about key characters.
View details about the music playing during a scene.
Read interesting information and facts about the content you are watching, including: connections, goofs, and filming locations.
This feature is only available on select Amazon Studio titles. See photos and videos from behind-the-scenes of some of your favorite Amazon Studios titles.