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Resolve Playback Error 7206

Here are some common solutions you can try if the Prime Video web player displays error "7206."

This error typically occurs if your computer is missing important Windows updates, or if you don't have the latest graphics or audio drivers installed.

Note: You can also see this error if you're using a virtual machine or remote desktop connection, which do not support Prime Video streaming.

To resolve this issue, here are some solutions you can try:

Update Windows

Check Windows for updates to make sure you have the latest available software from Microsoft. These updates often include important system upgrades or error fixes that can affect the overall performance of your computer.

To check for updates, open Windows Update ( from Internet Explorer, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Update Graphics or Audio Drivers

You may need to update your computer's graphics or audio drivers. Drivers are programs your computer uses to operate hardware or other externally connected devices, like monitors, printers, and speakers.

To learn more about updating your computer's drivers, go to Microsoft Support (

Restart Your Computer

Try restarting your computer. This may be required to complete installation of new software or driver updates.

Try Another Web Browser

If the steps above don't fix the issue, try playing your video using a different web browser. There may be a temporary problem or incompatible setting with Internet Explorer.

Tip: Chrome (version M42 or newer) also supports our HTML5-based web player. The HTML5 player typically provides the best playback experience, because it's optimized to work with our service and doesn't use separate browser plugins (like Silverlight or Adobe Flash) to show video content.

For more information about Chrome, including installation instructions, go to Google Chrome.

If you still need help after trying these steps, Contact Us.