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Paying for Prime Video Subscriptions in Local Currencies

Learn more about changes to Prime Video subscription options.

What's Changing?

If you live in Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Chile, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania or Colombia, you can update your Prime Video subscription from U.S. Dollars or Euros to your local currency.

  • When you change to your local currency, you have access to the same content and can stream on the same devices. You can also pay in your local currency using your preferred payment methods.
  • We accept Visa credit and debit cards, Mastercard credit and debit cards, plus the following locally issued cards: Tarjeta Naranja (credit and debit in Argentina), Amex (credit in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Denmark); Diners Club (credit in Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru).
  • Customers paying in Argentine Pesos will be charged tax in addition to their Prime Video subscription. For information on tax rates, please see VAT / GST Rates.

How to Update a Subscription Payment

You can update your subscription from the Account & Settings page.

  • This change only affects customers who live in Argentina, Peru, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Chile, Paraguay, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, or Colombia and have an active Prime Video subscription. New Prime Video or Amazon Prime members are automatically signed up for subscriptions in the local currency.
  • When you update your subscription to Argentine, Colombian or Chilean Pesos, we issue a prorated refund based on the remaining days of your final month of service charged in U.S. Dollars.