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Set up a Prime Video Account PIN on Web

A Prime Video Account PIN bypasses purchase and viewing restrictions on your account.

The Prime Video account holder can set an Account PIN to:

  • Lock access to their profile.
  • Bypass purchase and viewing restrictions in any profile on their account.
  • Override all profile lock PINs.
  • Restrict creation and removal of profiles.

All profiles can be PIN locked. Profile PINs are never shared with the account holder, but the account holder can override all profile PINs with the Account PIN.

To set up a Prime Video Account PIN:

Go to the Your Profiles page.

  1. Click Edit profile and then click the account holder's profile.
  2. On the Edit profile page, click the Manage button next to Account PIN and locks.
  3. If prompted, enter your Amazon account details.
  4. On the Account PIN and locks page, click the Create button next to Prime Video Account PIN.
  5. On the Create Account PIN screen, enter a PIN and then click Continue.
Note: Once set up, Prime Video Account and Profile PINs apply across all devices. Viewing Restrictions apply only to the device they were set up for.
Note: If you linked accounts via the Amazon Household program, the Account PIN of the signed in primary Household account is used to bypass any restrictions.

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