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I'm Having Problems Watching My Prime Video Channel

If you're having trouble watching movies and TV shows from Prime Video, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Restart your device

Restart your device, then try to watch your Prime Video content again.

Issues with streaming content are often caused by a problem with your Internet connection. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is 802.11a/g/n/ac compatible.

If family members or friends are using the same Internet network, ask them to temporarily pause their Internet activities. When multiple devices use the same Internet network for intensive activities such as gaming, video streaming, or backing up, it might slow down the speed of your local network.

See if you can stream your movie or TV show on another device using the same Wi-Fi or cellular connection. If you can't, the issue might be with your network and not your device.

Clearing application data can also help resolve intermittent playback issues with other apps you use to stream movies and TV shows on your TV.

  1. Select Settings from the Fire TV menu.
  2. Select Applications > Manage All Installed Applications.
  3. Select the application you're having trouble with.
  4. Select Force Stop, and then select Clear Data.
  5. When prompted to Delete App Data, select Clear Data again.
  6. Press the Power button on your remote to restart your TV.
  7. Return to Your Apps & Games to reopen the app and try playback again.