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Report a Content Grievance in India

Amazon Prime and Prime Video Mobile Edition members can file/raise a content grievance in India.

Amazon Prime and Prime Video Mobile Edition members in India can file/raise complaints (if any) in relation to issues such as age ratings, content descriptors, title synopsis, access controls or other content related grievances for the content currently available in the Prime Video India catalog.

  • If you are accessing Prime Video on Desktop or Laptop, please click HERE to submit your complaint. You may need to log in to your Prime Video account if not done already.
  • If you are accessing Prime Video on a mobile device, you can submit your complaint to the Prime Video Grievance officer (details below) or alternatively go to the following link on your mobile browser:

Content grievance support is currently available in English language only. Please submit your grievance details in English. In case of any other feedback relating to your Prime Video experience other than a content grievance like streaming/app issues, technical troubleshooting, title unavailability, feature requests, refund, billing/subscription issues you can reach out to us via the Prime Video Help section:

Prime Video Grievance Officer

Name: Ms. Phoram Tanna


Your complaint should include:

  • Your Name
  • Email address on your Amazon account
  • Name of the Movie or TV Series (Season & Episode Number)
  • Country of Viewing
  • Date of Viewing
  • Category of Grievance (such as Age Ratings, Content descriptors, Title Synopsis, Access controls, Other)
  • Grievance Details (including timestamp, if applicable)

We will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within 24 hours and provide you with a reference number to track your complaint. We shall process your complaint and appropriately respond within 15 days from the date of receipt of a complete complaint.

Note: The above Grievance redressal mechanism is in compliance with the applicable and governing laws of India.