End Your Prime Video Membership

Learn how to end your Prime Video membership or turn off Auto-Renew, so you will no longer be charged.

Your Prime Video membership automatically charges to your payment method on the monthly renewal date.

Tip: You can view the next scheduled charge for your membership from Account & Settings on Prime Video.

You can turn off Auto-Renew from your Account & Settings to stop the recurring charge for your plan, and end your membership or free trial.

To turn off Auto-Renew on the Prime Video website:

  1. Go to Account & Settings.
  2. Look for the Your Membership section.
  3. Select End Membership and confirm.

Once you turn off Auto-Renew, the renewal date for your membership becomes the end date. You can continue to access Prime Video up until this date.

After this date, you'll no longer have access to Prime Video on any of your connected devices, and will need to start a new membership to access the service again. For more information, go to How to Start a Prime Video Membership or Free Trial.

Customers residing in Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, or Australia can use the following links to cancel their subscriptions:






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