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About Closing Your Account

Learn how to close your Amazon account. After your account is closed you can no longer use it to access Prime Video.

If you'd like to close your Amazon account, please Contact Us to request that it be closed.

Once your account is closed, it can no longer be used to access Prime Video - by you or anyone else.

Also keep in mind:

  • You won't have access to other websites you use your account to log in to (e.g., your local Amazon website)
  • You won't have access to your account history or Prime Video membership details (including payment information, membership charges, etc.)
  • Account changes can't be completed for closed accounts

Note: If you just need to change your account details or remove a payment method from your Amazon Wallet, you don't need to close your account. For more information, go to Change Your Account Details and Change Your Prime Video Payment Method.

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