Manage Auto Play

Learn how to manage Auto Play, which gives you the option to automatically play episodes of a TV series back-to-back.

Auto Play shows you the Next Up episode in a TV series at the end of the currently playing episode, while the credits roll.

With Auto Play turned ON, the next episode in the series starts playing automatically once the current episode is over. All available episodes in the series play one after another until you've watched them all.

Tip: You can also select the Next Up box to quickly skip ahead to the next episode.

To manage Auto Play from the Prime Video app:

  1. Open Settings from the menu.
  2. Look for the Auto Play option.
  3. Toggle Auto Play to ON or OFF.

Turn off or Hide Auto Play

With Auto Play turned OFF, Next Up still displays at the end of your currently playing video, but the next video won't start playing automatically.

You can also close the Next Up box during video playback by selecting the Hide option.

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