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How Do I Start a Watch Party in a Web Browser?

All Prime Video customers are able to create a Watch Party.

  1. Browse titles as you would when watching on your own. Titles included with Amazon Prime or Prime Video are only available to Amazon Prime members or Prime Video subscribers. Non-Prime members and Prime Video subscribers will be prompted to sign up (or take a free trial, if eligible) in order to access titles Included with Prime or Prime Video. Customers who wish to host or participate in a Watch Party for titles available for rental or purchase, need only rent or buy that title in order to participate. Live content, and Prime Video Channels content aren't currently available for Watch Parties.
  2. Select Watch Party from the detail page.
  3. Enter a desired user name under Chat name.
  4. Click Create Watch Party to generate a Watch Party link.
  5. Invite friends using the "Share" icon or select Copy Link to share it via available third-party applications.

You can invite up to 100 participants. Anyone having a valid invite link can join Watch Party. However, they must be located in your country and have access to the content being shared, either through subscription or through rent or buy. Hosts can remove a Watch Party participant at their discretion.

Note: Watch Parties can be watched through the Prime Video app on supported Fire TV devices in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India, and Canada, the Prime Video app for selected connected devices, in addition to Android mobile phones, Android tablets, Fire tablets, iPhones, and iPads. You can also access Prime Video Watch Parties on desktop web browsers, except for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari.

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