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Prime Video Supported Devices in Poland

Prime Video is supported on the following devices in Poland.

Mobile Devices (Smartphone, Tablet) with Systems:

  • Android (version 12 or newer)
  • iOS (version 15 or newer)

Personal Computers with Browsers Listed Below

Computer operating system:

  • With Windows 7 or newer
  • With macOS 10.12.1+ or newer
  • Chrome OS (with playback only in standard definition)
  • Linux (with playback only in standard definition)

Browser versions

  • Google Chrome version 69 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox version 60 or newer
  • Microsoft Edge Legacy version 15 or newer; Edge version 64 or newer
  • Safari version 10 or newer
  • Opera version 37 or newer

Other Devices

  • Apple TV Streaming Media Players: Models - Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Ethernet - A2843; Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) Wi-Fi - A2737; Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) - A2169; Apple TV 4K (1st generation) - A1842; Apple TV HD- Previously Apple TV (4th generation) - A1625
  • Changhong Television: Model - AI PONT
  • Google Streaming Media Players: Models - Chromecast; Chromecast HD
  • Hisense Televisions (2019 models or newer)
  • LG Televisions (2018 models or newer)
  • Microsoft Game Consoles: Xbox Series X and Series S; Microsoft Xbox One
  • Nvidia Streaming Media Player: Model - SHIELD Android TV
  • Orange PL Set Top Box: Model - DV8555
  • Panasonic Televisions (2018 models or newer)
  • Philips Televisions (2019 models or newer)
  • Play Now Set Top Boxes; Models - TV Box 2; TV Box 3
  • Play TV Set Top Box: Model - 4K Box
  • PlayStation Game Consoles: Models - PlayStation 4/Pro; PlayStation 5 (including Digital Edition)
  • RealMe Streaming Media Player: Model - 4K Google TV Stick
  • Samsung Televisions (2018 models or newer)
  • Sharp Televisions (2019 models or newer)
  • Sony Televisions (2019 models or newer)
  • T Mobile Polska Set Top Box: Model - TV Box
  • TCL Televisions (2019 models or newer)
  • UPC Set Top Box: Model - 4K TV Box
  • Vectra Set Top Boxes: Models - 4K Box; TV Smart 4K BOX
  • Vestel Televisions (2018 models or newer)
  • Xiaomi Set Top Boxes: Models - MIBOX3; MIBOX4; MiTV-AESP0; MiTV-AFKR0; MiTV-AYFR0
  • Xiaomi Television (2019 models or newer)
  • Fire TV: FOS 5 or newer
  • Echo VegaOS Devices: OS versions and app version combos below are supported: (OS v4.0.71603.0, App v1.0.8661.0), (OS v4.0.23082.0, App v1.0.8860.0), (OS v4.0.51502.0, App v1.0.8527.0), (OS v4.0.29987.0, App v1.0.9811.0), (OS v4.0.64892.0, App v1.0.8661.0), (OS v4.0.86216.0, App v1.0.9805.0), (OS v4.0.28716.0, App v1.0.9682.0), (OS v4.0.87465.0, App v1.0.9844.0), (OS v4.0.30126.0, App v1.0.9811.0), (OS v4.0.73673.0, App v1.0.9781.0), (OS v4.0.67473.0, App v1.0.9040.0), (OS v4.0.98893.0, App v1.0.9738.0), (OS v4.0.83055.0, App v1.0.9384.0), (OS v4.0.27867.0, App v1.0.9334.0), (OS v4.0.99066.0, App v1.0.9738.0), (OS v4.0.29657.0, App v1.0.9334.0), (OS v4.0.99117.0, App v1.0.9738.0), (OS v4.0.85532.0, App v1.0.9520.0); or newer
  • Echo FireOS Devices: FOS 6 or newer