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6.820102 Seasons16+Subtitles and Closed Captions

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) stars in this reimagining of the hit miniseries from Scott Peters, creator of The 4400. "Visitors" appear in every major city in the world, promoting a message of peace ... but could they be a threat to our existence?

Science Fiction, Drama
English [CC], हिन्दी, தமிழ், తెలుగు
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Episodes (13)

  1. 1. Pilot

    Not available47 minutesNovember 2, 200916+Subtitles

    In the highly anticipated and compelling series premiere, the Visitors (V's) are initially viewed with fear, but quickly become a fascination. Elizabeth Mitchell stars.

  2. 2. There Is No Normal Anymore

    Not available43 minutesNovember 9, 200916+Subtitles

    Erica and Father Jack find themselves being tracked by a "Seeker" from the V's. Chad, who is not happy with his first interview with Anna, determines to become more investigative.

  3. 3. A Bright New Day

    Not available43 minutesNovember 16, 200916+Subtitles

    Chad reports from the Peace Ambassador Center as visas are issued to the first wave of Visitors, including Anna. Erica, paired with a V officer, begins tracking a death threat.

  4. 4. It's Only The Beginning

    Not available43 minutesNovember 23, 200916+Subtitles

    In this riveting cliffhanger, Erica works with newly formed allies to uncover a biological threat they suspect the Visitors have been plotting. Plus, Anna befriends a special guest inside the mothership.

  5. 5. The Arrival

    Not available38 minutesMarch 22, 201016+Subtitles

    In this special clip show from the first four episodes, revisit several key plot and character points revealed in the last cliffhanger episode.

  6. 6. Welcome to the War

    Not available42 minutesMarch 29, 201016+Subtitles

    Erica finds her life in danger when she's attacked at home, and the Visitors build up their defenses. Anna is upset with Chad and Ryan is concerned about Val's pregnancy.

  7. 7. Pound of Flesh

    Not available43 minutesApril 5, 201016+Subtitles

    Anna invites humans to stay on the spaceships, Ryan is concerned that Valerie's pregnancy is going too fast and Tyler learns a secret about his mom, Erica.

  8. 8. John May

    Not available43 minutesApril 12, 201016+Subtitles

    Erica, Ryan and Jack go on a harrowing mission to find the legendary John May (MICHAEL TRUCCO - Battlestar Galatica) in order to rescue Georgie (David Richmond-Peck).

  9. 9. We Can't Win

    Not available43 minutesApril 19, 201016+Subtitles

    Chad and Anna go to Switzerland for the UN Energy Summit. Meanwhile, Erica learns that the Fifth Column is being investigated, and Valerie goes on the run, unable to trust Ryan.

  10. 10. Heretics Fork

    Not available42 minutesApril 26, 201016+Subtitles

    Erica, Jack and Hobbes (CHARLES MESURE) take measures to protect the Fifth Column members. Ryan reveals to Val that he is a V. Chad boards the Mothership to heal his aneurysm.

  11. 11. Hearts and Minds

    Not available43 minutesMay 3, 201016+Subtitles

    Ryan, Father Jack and Hobbes (CHARLES MESURE) try to avoid a team of deadly V trackers. Anna invites Tyler to live on the Mothership. Chad confronts Jack about the Fifth Column.

  12. 12. Fruition

    Not available43 minutesMay 10, 201016+Subtitles

    After a violent attack on someone close to Anna, she decides it's best to leave. Erica and the team try to find a scientist who may have created a weapon the V's are afraid of.

  13. 13. Red Sky

    Not available43 minutesMay 17, 201016+Subtitles

    In the season finale, Val's water breaks -- her baby with Ryan will be born. Erica goes on the offensive aboard the Mothership. Chad finds out Anna has been using him.

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