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Sabrina the Animated Series

Season 1

In the little town of Greendale lives Sabrina Spellman, a cute twelve year-old with a big heart and an even bigger secret. Sabrina is half mortal and half witch! The only people who know of Sabrina’s powers are here teenage witch aunts, Hilda and Zelda, her lovable mortal Uncle Quigley, her best friend Chloe and her mischievous cat, Salem. He’s really a warlock who has been turned into...

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Episodes (26)

  1. 1. Most Dangerous Witch

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 28, 20017+Subtitles

    Tim the Witchsmeller is a disgruntled half witch who can perform no magic, and boy is he bitter. He’s come to Greendale to trap some witches, namely Hilda & Zelda for his trophy collection. Harvey is mistaken for a witch and is captured by the villainous Tim. Sabrina must save Harvey before he winds up being in Tim’s clutches for the rest of his life.

  2. 2. You Said a Mouse-Ful

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 21, 20017+Subtitles

    Salem eats Sabrina’s prize mouse for her science fair exhibit. After much blackmailing on Sabrina’s part, she gets Salem to morph into a mouse to take its place. They win and Sabrina’s on top of the world! That is until she finds out that Harvey traded the mouse (Salem) to NASA, who plan to send it up into space. Sabrina must recover Salem before he becomes an Astromouse.

  3. 3. Boggie Shoes

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 22, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina is psyched about school dance and can’t understand why Harvey doesn’t want to go. She learns that Harvey can’t dance, so in order to help him she summons the Lord of the Dance (Hilda’s old boyfriend). The Lord produces a pair of shoes that makes Harvey a dancin’ machine. Every time music is heard Harvey’s feet does their stuff…and won’t stop. Since the Lord is under no o...

  4. 4. A Tail of Two Kitties

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 23, 20017+Subtitles

    Salem falls for a fellow feline. He learns that she is a kitty-witch as well. They fall in love and want to run off together. But Salem must decide if he wants to reverse his curse and become human again or stay with the Spellmans.

  5. 5. The Senses-Shattering Adventures of Captain Harvtastic

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 27, 20017+Subtitles

    Harvey lacks the courage to show his comic book to the great comic book creator, King Kirby. Sabrina decides to give Harvey a Wishing Star in hopes that he’ll wish for courage. But when Harvey’s wish comes true he, Sabrina and Salem are suddenly thrust into his comic world. That wasn’t quite what Sabrina had in mind. Now as Captain Harvtastic, with Sabrina and Salem in tow they must fight...

  6. 6. Picture Perfect

    Not available22 minutesMarch 19, 20017+Subtitles

    The Student of the Year winner will be announced soon and Sabrina and Gem are tied to win. Gem uses her money to win the contest so Sabrina uses magic to make Gem lose. Her plan is a success and she wins the coveted award. But when it comes time to accept the award Sabrina tells the truth.

  7. 7. Field Trippin'

    Not available22 minutesJuly 1, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina, desperate to earn money for an upcoming concert, baby sits the terror twins. Hilda, Zelda and Uncle Quigley warn her that she’s just not ready but Sabrina is adamant. The twins wreak havoc in the museum and Sabrina resorts to magic to keep track of the tykes. Harvey and the twins accidentally end up IN the art and Sabrina must find them before the museum closes.

  8. 8. No Time to Be a Hero

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 12, 20017+Subtitles

    Harvey mistakenly thanks Sabrina for saving his life. She feels bad for the unearned praise she is getting. Sabrina, with Salem’s help travels back in time to redo everything. But instead of making it better, she makes it far worse. Sabrina finally decides to tell the truth and risk losing her friends and the undeserved adoration.

  9. 9. Extreme Harvey

    Not available22 minutesFebruary 1, 20017+Subtitles

    Determined to make Harvey happy, Sabrina dabbles in the spooky jar to make him the raddest skateboarder since Tony Hawk, so he can join a pro team. Problems arise as Harvey finds himself in the middle of the championship contest and the spell has worn off. Uh Oh! Sabrina must save his pride and his hide.

  10. 10. Shrink to Fit

    Not available22 minutesMay 1, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina and Chloe try to compete with Gem by fitting into the latest fad jeans. After sneaking a spell from the Spookie Jar, they not only get their wish by fitting into the jeans but they begin to shrink as well. The more Sabrina shrinks, her power shrinks as well. Sabrina and Chloe must reverse the effects of the spell before they stay that way FOREVER!

  11. 11. Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Something From a Coven

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 31, 20017+Subtitles

    After being dissed from Gem’s Halloween party, Sabrina throws a Halloween party of her own. With her Aunts and Uncle Quigley out of the house she must throw a killer party while preventing Gem from sabotaging it!

  12. 12. Wag the Witch

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 24, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina competes with Gem for office of Class President. They play dirty until Gem accuses her of being weird. Sabrina goes to disastrous lengths to prove her wrong. She must prevent the whole school from discovering her secret of being a witch.

  13. 13. Witchy Grrrls

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 16, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina’s band, the Flavor Babes, use a little magic to launch their careers. The much desired fame and riches end up tearing Sabrina, Chloe, Hilda and Zelda apart. Their egos run wild and they split apart for solo careers. It isn’t until they realize how much they miss each other that the spell wears off, returning them to normal.

  14. 14. Paranormal Pi

    Not available22 minutesNovember 30, 20017+Subtitles

    When Pi sees Sabrina’s Uncle Zamboni flying through the air he is convinced there are paranormal rumblings in Greendale. He makes it his mission to prove it to the townspeople. Sabrina must keep him from finding out her family secret before her uncle turns him into a frog…or worse.

  15. 15. Anywhere But Here

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 5, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina is tired of the restrictions that come with being a kid. She casts a spell that catapults into adulthood. She loves the freedom at first but them shirks at the responsibility that comes with being an adult. Sabrina must reverse the spell before she is stuck in adulthood and misses out on being a kid!

  16. 16. Documagicary

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 29, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina ends up in a new docu-series called, That Witch which becomes an overnight sensation! Sabrina soon tires of the demanding schedule and lack of privacy. The director won’t let her out of her contract, so Sabrina refuses to use magic in hopes that the show will be cancelled. The director retaliates and frees Tim the Witchsmeller knowing the duel will be good for ratings.

  17. 17. The Grandparent Trap

    Not available22 minutesMarch 2, 20017+Subtitles

    When Sabrina hears that her Grandparents are coming for visit she is excited. They have a important announcement to make. Remembering that they are separated, Sabrina immediately suspects Divorce! She wrangles Hilda, Zelda, Quigley and Salem into helping her make the Grandparents fall in love again. Sabrina’s schemes are disastrous ala The Parent Trap. The Grandparents finally make their anno...

  18. 18. I Got Glue Babe

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 13, 20017+Subtitles

    Everyone is fed up with Sabrina and Gem’s constant rivalry. Sabrina casts a spell to make Gem and herself closer. But she uses too much potion and it causes them to stick together. Being a Siamese twin with Gem is hard at first but when they learn they might stay like that forever, they find a way to work together.

  19. 19. Boy Meets Bike

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 14, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina makes a dream-bike for Harvey, so he can beat the bully Slugloaf. Unfortunately the bike, Sheba, takes on a life of it’s own with the intention of Winning no matter what. Sabrina must stop the bike before it harms Harvey.

  20. 20. Upside Down Town

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 15, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina uses a little dash of mojo to win a bake off contest against Gem. Unfortunately whoever eats her upside down cake has their personality reversed. Sabrina has to find an antidote before Greendale is ruined!

  21. 21. Stage Fright

    Not available22 minutesJune 1, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina needs a little lesson in true love for her Shakespeare play. While Zelda just needs a date. They conjure up Romeo to teach them the ropes. But Romeo falls in love with every woman he encounters including Enchantra! When Enchantra learns the truth she wants to punish Hilda and Zelda. Zelda offers to take Hilda’s punishment and Enchantra shows some heart. Sabrina learns what TRUE love ...

  22. 22. My Step Mother the Babe

    Not available22 minutesMarch 30, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina is excited when her father drops in for a visit. She’s disappointed to find that her father has brought along with him his fiancée. Sabrina intent on having her dad all to herself puts a spell on Futura. Instead of getting rid of her, she turns Futura into some she can relate to. Unfortunately her father doesn’t feel the same way because Futura is now an obnoxious 12 year-old. Just...

  23. 23. This is Your Nine Lives

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 17, 20017+Subtitles

    It’s Salem’s birthday and he’s used to getting the lavish gifts. Sabrina thinks her homemade gift sucks so she time travels to get him a unique gift …wishes from all his buddies from the old days. Along the way, Sabrina realizes that Salem has hurt more people than he’s helped.

  24. 24. Hex-Change Students

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 18, 20017+Subtitles

    Gem hosts two exchange students to be cool. Instead of the real foreigners, Dawson and Felicity, show up instead. Psst! They are really mischievous faeries. The two have Gem running around in circles tricking her with the new IN things from their country while trying to convince Sabrina to ditch her mortal friends. Sabrina has a blast at first but misses her pals. She learns that the troublesom...

  25. 25. Saturday Night Furor

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 19, 20017+Subtitles

    Uncle Quigley decides to reinstate Family Fun Night on Saturdays evenings! Sabrina and the Aunts think that Quigley is in serious need of a love life. They set him up with Sabrina’s principal. Sabrina decides to go on the date with him to help but she only makes things. She casts a spell that makes Quigley irresistible to women. They must stop the madness that’s come over the women of Green...

  26. 26. The Hex Files

    Not available22 minutesAugust 1, 20017+Subtitles

    Sabrina is excited to visit Uncle Quigley in his lab while taking a field trip to the observatory. She overhears a conversation between the director of the observatory and Gem’s Uncle who is trying to overthrow Quigley and his research. Sabrina gets involved and things get outta control when aliens capture them. She must straighten it all out and save her Uncle’s reputation.

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