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8.420095 Seasons16+Subtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

J.J. Abrams, the creator of Lost and Alias, teams up with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Mission: Impossible 3, Transformers) to create this highly anticipated drama series. The first electrifying season of Fringe follows an unlikely trio who uncover a deadly mystery that may be part of a larger and more disturbing pattern that lives somewhere between science fiction and reality.

Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick
Drama, Science Fiction
English [CC], हिन्दी, தமிழ், తెలుగు
Audio Languages
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Episodes (20)

  1. 1. Pilot

    Not available1 hour, 21 minutesSeptember 8, 200816+Subtitles

    In the series premiere, FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham (ANNA TORV) investigates a fatal international flight, recruiting Dr. Walter Bishop (JOHN NOBLE) and his son (JOSHUA JACKSON) to help.

  2. 2. The Same Old Story

    Not available50 minutesSeptember 15, 200816+Subtitles

    The unlikely trio forms a partnership and investigates the link between a wildly accelerated pregnancy and an "old" newborn.

  3. 3. The Ghost Network

    Not available50 minutesSeptember 22, 200816+Subtitles

    After a horrific bus incident, Olivia, Peter and Bishop uncover a man who has visions of Pattern-related disturbances before they happen.

  4. 4. The Arrival

    Not available49 minutesSeptember 29, 200816+Subtitles

    After a deadly explosion in New York, our unlikely threesome investigate a strange cylinder found at the scene thats completely unharmed by the surrounding devastation.

  5. 5. Power Hungry

    Not available49 minutesOctober 13, 200816+Subtitles

    When a simple man is discovered who has the ability to harness electricity, dangerous and deadly occurrences follow and our unlikely trio investigates this super-charged oddity.

  6. 6. The Cure

    Not available50 minutesOctober 20, 200816+Subtitles

    When a woman with a rare disease inexplicably causes excruciating pain and subsequent death to those she encounters, the circumstances point to illegal drug trials… or worse.

  7. 7. In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

    Not available50 minutesNovember 10, 200816+Subtitles

    When a strange parasite attaches itself to the internal organs of a dying agent, Agent Dunham rushes to Germany to meet with a prisoner who reveals details of a much larger threat.

  8. 8. The Equation

    Not available49 minutesNovember 17, 200816+Subtitles

    When a music prodigy is kidnapped, its discovered that a sequence of flashing lights appeared at the abduction which Walter links back to his bunkmate at St. Claires Hospital.

  9. 9. The Dreamscape

    Not available49 minutesNovember 24, 200816+Subtitles

    While investigating a mystifying incident at Massive Dynamic, Olivia seeks to rid her consciousness of Agent Scott and Peters past catches up with him.

  10. 10. Safe

    Not available49 minutesDecember 1, 200816+Subtitles

    While investigating a series of extraordinary bank robberies that defy the laws of physics, Walter realizes that the high-tech thieves are after something of his.

  11. 11. Bound

    Not available50 minutesJanuary 19, 200916+Subtitles

    After shifty FBI Agent Loeb orchestrated Mr. Joness otherworldly escape from a German prison and Olivias alarming abduction, indications of a larger threat begin to emerge.

  12. 12. The No-Brainer

    Not available50 minutesJanuary 26, 200916+Subtitles

    A computer scientist-turned-serial killer has discovered an unconventional method of killing people by liquefying their brains.

  13. 13. The Transformation

    Not available50 minutesFebruary 2, 200916+Subtitles

    When another mysterious virus emerges aboard an international flight, leaving freakish remains, Peter & Olivia are forced to go undercover to investigate the latest bizarre threat.

  14. 14. Ability

    Not available50 minutesFebruary 9, 200916+Subtitles

    German agents question Olivia when Mr. Jones returns and a lethal toxin is released that causes victims to die without faces as their orifices suddenly and mysteriously close up.

  15. 15. Inner Child

    Not available49 minutesApril 6, 200916+Subtitles

    The FBI’s Fringe Division investigates a mysterious, mute boy with an unspoken connection to Agent Olivia Dunham. Meanwhile, a gruesome serial killer resurfaces.

  16. 16. Unleashed

    Not available50 minutesApril 13, 200916+Subtitles

    Unleashed by animal activists, a scientifically engineered beast with a ferocious appetite attacks Charlie. Walter must now come face-to-face with both his past and the creature.

  17. 17. Bad Dreams

    Not available50 minutesApril 20, 200916+Subtitles

    The Pattern is given a thrilling twist when Agent Dunham can’t stop dreaming of violent occurrences – that actually happen simultaneously in the real world.

  18. 18. Midnight

    Not available50 minutesApril 27, 200916+Subtitles

    When severely mutilated bodies drained of spinal fluid begin to pile up, the Fringe Division investigates a scientist with possible ties to the ZFT terrorist cell.

  19. 19. The Road Not Taken

    Not available50 minutesMay 4, 200916+Subtitles

    While investigating a disturbing case of a woman who apparently spontaneously combusted, Olivia is plagued with waking dreams, seeing elaborate visions of things not really there.

  20. 20. There's More Than One of Everything

    Not available47 minutesMay 11, 200916+Subtitles

    In the season finale, the Fringe Division is attacked, Mr. Jones returns, Walter disappears and Massive Dynamics’ elusive William Bell (LEONARD NIMOY) is finally introduced.

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