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Two-time Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn stars in a new British detective series based on the bestselling mysteries by Ann Cleeves. DCI Vera Stanhope is a solitary, obsessed, caustic, brilliant investigator, and a bit disheveled; think female Columbo. Filmed in the Northumberland villages of the original books, the set includes four feature-length, character-driven crime dramas.
IMDb 8,220134 episoder
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  1. S3 E1Castles in the Air
    24. august 2013
    1 t 28 min.
    Three girlfriends spend the weekend partying at an isolated country retreat, and one ends up dead with a shotgun blast to the chest and a local hunter the prime suspect. Too late, Stanhope realizes that the dead woman was not the intended target any more than her suspect was the actual shooter.
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  2. S3 E2Poster Child
    1. september 2013
    1 t 27 min.
    A respected surgeon is murdered and his two teenage daughters abducted, leaving a wife and mother distraught and Stanhope at a loss for a motive. Ashworth spurs his boss to look for a family link to both the killing and the kidnappings.
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  3. S3 E3Young Gods
    8. september 2013
    1 t 29 min.
    When an extreme sports fanatic plunges to his death from a cliff after an apparent fight, Stanhope and Ashworth begin to search for potential enemies. An estranged ex-girlfriend will shed no tears at the young man's death, but the detectives discover that someone else has been holding a grudge as well.
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  4. S3 E4Prodigal Son
    15. september 2013
    1 t 28 min.
    The fatal stabbing of a former police officer outside a Newcastle nightclub sets Stanhope on a quest to recreate the victim's last movements. What she finds leads her back 25 years, to a web of deception, lies, and ultimately a brutal death.
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William SinclairPaul CotterDusan LazarevicThaddeus O'Sullivan
Elaine CollinsMargaret Mitchell
Brenda BlethynDavid Leon
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