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BAFTA TV AWARDS® 1X nominee in 2004

Foyle's War

History meets mystery in this award-winning PBS series, with four all-new feature-length episodes set at the height of World War II. Michael Kitchen (Out of Africa) returns as the laconic Christopher Foyle, detective chief superintendent in the English town of Hastings.
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  1. S4 E1 - Invasion
    January 15, 2006
    1 h 33 min
    April 1942. Cultures clash as the first Americans arrive to build an airfield near Hastings. Some locals see the "invaders" as a threat. Others find the chance for romance among the young Gis. But when a barmaid turns up strangled. Foyle's investigation strains British-American relations to the breaking point.
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  2. S4 E2 - Bad Blood
    January 22, 2006
    1 h 33 min
    August 1942. Helping a colleague from a nearby town probe the murder of a war hero, Foyle confronts a deeper--and potentially deadlier--mystery. A top-secret experiment in biological warfare goes horribly wrong, claiming the victim's widow and threatening the life of Foyle's driver.
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