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La Doña

Season 1

Hardship and abuse have led Altagracia to become a ruthlessly ambitious woman and a cold mother who has abandoned her daughter. While she lacks love, she may have found it now with Saul, an attorney who defends victims of gender violence. However, he has also captured the attention of Monica, Altagracia's estranged daughter.

Juan Carlos Remolina, Michelle Olvera, Diego Soldano
Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Türkçe
Audio Languages
English, Español, Português
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Episodes (120)

  1. 1. Episode 1

    Not available49 minutesNovember 28, 2016NRSubtitles

    Altagracia Sandoval, is a powerful entrepreneur in the construction industry who manipulates the lives of everyone around her.

  2. 2. Episode 2

    Not available44 minutesNovember 29, 2016NRSubtitles

    Saul confronts Altagracia at Felipe’s birthday party and demands the release of his father.

  3. 3. Episode 3

    Not available44 minutesNovember 30, 2016NRSubtitles

    At night the neighborhood is attacked by a group of hooded people sent by Altagracia and while watching everything happen she seems surprised to see how Saul protects Monica.

  4. 4. Episode 4

    Not available44 minutesDecember 1, 2016NRSubtitles

    Monica, Lazaro and Saul are at the hospital trying to get help from the doctors but faced with the hospital’s staff refusal to give Lazaro treatment Saul gets mad and is able to get him help.

  5. 5. Episode 5

    Not available44 minutesDecember 4, 2016NRSubtitles

    Ximena goes to the job interview but doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the job position. Altagracia remembers when Yesenia taught her how to leave Lazaro impotent.

  6. 6. Episode 6

    Not available44 minutesDecember 5, 2016NRSubtitles

    Altagracia thinks she needs to change strategies because there is too much fuzz going on with the construction company.

  7. 7. Episode 7

    Not available44 minutesDecember 6, 2016NRSubtitles

    Altagracia arrives home very disturbed and tells Regina that she found one of the rapist and says she is going to confront him. Braulio makes love to Valeria and says Altagracia’s name.

  8. 8. Episode 8

    Not available44 minutesDecember 7, 2016NRSubtitles

    Altagracia promises Margarita she will make Miguel Preciado pay for all his crimes. Saul dismisses Ximena’s jealousy but she seems to be very upset. Monica tells Gabino she is not interested in having a suitor.

  9. 9. Episode 9

    Not available43 minutesDecember 8, 2016NRSubtitles

    Miguel is fascinated with Altagracia’s beauty, she lies to him saying she is there seeking a partnership and he is taken over by her charm.

  10. 10. Episode 10

    Not available44 minutesDecember 11, 2016NRSubtitles

    Saul sees a woman in the ocean, he doesn’t know it is her, he sees her get in the water, he tries to tell her but sees that she is trying to drawn herself and he saves her. They are both in shock when they see each other under water.

  11. 11. Episode 11

    Not available44 minutesDecember 12, 2012NRSubtitles

    Yesenia arrives to the mansion looking for Altagracia and is greeted by Regina. Ximena comes down to the construction company to confront Altagracia, Altagracia manipulates her and offers her a job position in one of her offices in Europe.

  12. 12. Episode 12

    Not available43 minutesDecember 13, 2012NRSubtitles

    In her farmhouse in private Altagracia sends Braulio away and seduces Miguel. Braulio returns worried about her.

  13. 13. Episode 13

    Not available43 minutesDecember 14, 2016NRSubtitles

    Altagracia meets with Saul at the construction company and tells her the title of ownership in her name is fake. Monica tells Lidya she is sure that Saul ended his relationship with Ximena because he has set eyes on her.

  14. 14. Episode 14

    Not available43 minutesDecember 15, 2016NRSubtitles

    Altagracia and Braulio make an effort to have Miguel identify Cespedes. Monica finds out that Gabino threatened the delegation employee and confronts him, he apologizes inviting her to a bar with his friends.

  15. 15. Episode 15

    Not available43 minutesDecember 18, 2016NRSubtitles

    Monica asks Yesenia if she is her mother and Yesenia denies it without giving her any further information. She offers her support. Regina finds Felipe wounded, she finds out he tried to rape Altagracia and reproaches him for it.

  16. 16. Episode 16

    Not available42 minutesDecember 19, 2016NRSubtitles

    Everyone is worried because Saul is in serious condition on the operation table. Lopecito arrives at Valeria’s house to give her some documents, Valeria kisses him and orders him to take off his clothes.

  17. 17. Episode 17

    Not available43 minutesDecember 20, 2016NRSubtitles

    Isabella apologizes to her mother about the conversation they had about her father and she asks her if she has any other family.

  18. 18. Episode 18

    Not available43 minutesDecember 21, 2016NRSubtitles

    Monica disregards the possibility of Saul liking the Madame she also thinks that Gabino is following her. Gabino questions Saul with the intention of submitting a police report but in reality he just wants to find out about his personal life.

  19. 19. Episode 19

    Not available43 minutesDecember 22, 2016NRSubtitles

    Braulio hits Yesenia brutally and warns her not to get close to Altagracia. Jaime, Azucena, Margarita and the detective try to locate Saul without success.

  20. 20. Episode 20

    Not available43 minutesDecember 25, 2016NRSubtitles

    Felipe admits to Regina his love for Altagracia has turned into hatred. Saul confronts Monica about her being so distant with him lately.

  21. 21. Episode 21

    Not available43 minutesDecember 26, 2016NRSubtitles

    Altagracia and Saul argue with the investors but in the end Altagracia prevails. Yesenia tells Lazaro that Monica is selling cakes at Altagracia´s company.

  22. 22. Episode 22

    Not available43 minutesDecember 27, 2016NRSubtitles

    Braulio and Matamoros start a show to make Felipe look like a murderer. Regina offers to pay for Lazaro´s medical bills.

  23. 23. Episode 23

    Not available43 minutesDecember 28, 2016NRSubtitles

    Altagracia confirms to Felipe that nobody will support him because she bribed everyone, that he will be blamed for the murder of the prostitute, Rafael evades Emiliano, dismayed and burns the photo.

  24. 24. Episode 24

    Not available43 minutesDecember 29, 2016NRSubtitles

    Yesenia tells Altagracia that her daughter is dead. Regina supports the version. Yesenia asks for the money that corresponded to her daughter in order to give it to a sick Lazaro.

  25. 25. Episode 25

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 1, 2017NRSubtitles

    Yesenia tries to convince Lazaro to recover what La Doña took from her. Saul corners Altagracia and asks for an explanation about why she visited Miguel Preciado right before his disappearance.

  26. 26. Episode 26

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 2, 2017NRSubtitles

    Regina poses as Yesenia´s client in order to meet Monica. Yesenia tells Felipe about Altagracia´s past, she proposes to get revenge from her.

  27. 27. Episode 27

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 3, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia spends the night with Saul, when she leaves, she reads the documents Lopecito left for Saul where she notices there is a report in which they are investigating her.

  28. 28. Episode 28

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 4, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica argues with Rafael outside of Altagracia´s house. Saul starts to work at the foundation, he takes care of a battered woman, we see him in action as an attorney.

  29. 29. Episode 29

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 5, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica and Saul talk about Altagracia. Yesenia tells Felipe that La Doña or someone close to her will hurt Monica a lot.

  30. 30. Episode 30

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 8, 2017NRSubtitles

    Azucena complains to Ximena for leaving the way she did, she tells her that Saul is planning to rebuild his life but if she loves him, to come back and she will try to help her.

  31. 31. Episode 31

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 9, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia asks Matamoros to follow Yesenia and to let her know when she sees him with a crippled man.

  32. 32. Episode 32

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 10, 2017NRSubtitles

    Rafael and Leticia try to wake Emiliano up. Adolfo tells Monica that they need blood for Lidya, she and Saul and the neighbors go to the blood bank to make a donation.

  33. 33. Episode 33

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 11, 2017NRSubtitles

    She agrees to give her the check in exchange for telling her where Lazaro is. Monica sees Lidya and asks her to wake up. Rafael ties stories and discovers that Agent Gabino Dominguez did not make the complaint.

  34. 34. Episode 34

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 12, 2017NRSubtitles

    Rafael, Emiliano and Braulio thank Gabino for his cooperation.

  35. 35. Episode 35

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 15, 2017NRSubtitles

    Adolfo is keeping an eye on a dedicated Monica who spends the night taking care of Lidya, they talk about life and love. Altagracia sees the news on the Colonel´s arrest, she looks satisfied.

  36. 36. Episode 36

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 16, 2017NRSubtitles

    Jaime and Altagracia argue strongly in the office, he demands him to leave Saul alone. Leticia gives an interview to a reporter friend about her son´s participation in the “accident”.

  37. 37. Episode 37

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 17, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul confesses to Ximena that he has a relationship with Altagracia and is in love with her, Ximena is hurt and warns him that La Doña is a manipulator. The fight between Altagracia and Yesenia continues.

  38. 38. Episode 38

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 18, 2017NRSubtitles

    Ximena tries to find out why Monica is there, but Altagracia asks her to leave. Altagracia confronts Ximena. Both of them expose their reasons to be with Saul, they are enemies.

  39. 39. Episode 39

    Not available44 minutesJanuary 19, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica and Saul are with Lidya, but she can´t talk, Monica is excited and tells her she will get better. Altagracia works until late and thinks about Saul.

  40. 40. Episode 40

    Not available45 minutesJanuary 22, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul defends Lidya in the oral trial despite the fact that she is still in the hospital. Braulio defends Emiliano. The trial is directed by Valeria as the judge.

  41. 41. Episode 41

    Not available45 minutesJanuary 23, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica is clear with Saul, she tells him that she is in love with him and she will no longer work for La Doña.

  42. 42. Episode 42

    Not available45 minutesJanuary 24, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia confesses to Alejandro who she really is. They argue, Alejandro shows himself as a brave man, he doesn´t even blink when she digs a hot metal piece in his tattooed skin, he challenges her and doesn´t give up.

  43. 43. Episode 43

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 25, 2017NRSubtitles

    Karen informs Saul that she will travel from Veracruz to Mexico City in order to investigate the connection he has with the Monkeys.

  44. 44. Episode 44

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 26, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia is in shock looking from the top and seeing what is happening. Yesenia is able to escape. Saul proves that his father is dead. Braulio escapes without being seen.

  45. 45. Episode 45

    Not available45 minutesJanuary 29, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica comforts Saul, the only thing he wants is to find out the truth. She begs him to take care of his mother. Rafael and Braulio try to convince Altagracia to say that she pushed him in self-defense.

  46. 46. Episode 46

    Not available45 minutesJanuary 30, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul complains to Altagracia for using his influences and for involving Gabino in the case.

  47. 47. Episode 47

    Not available45 minutesJanuary 31, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul talks to Monica and swears to avenge his father´s death, he is determined to find the person or persons responsible for it. Azucena, upset, says that she will not tolerate La Doña in the Funeral.

  48. 48. Episode 48

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 1, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia is furious and wakes up Saul and Monica, she complains to Monica for her lack of loyalty and to Saul for spending the night with Monica.

  49. 49. Episode 49

    Not available45 minutesFebruary 2, 2017NRSubtitles

    Braulio understands that Altagracia asks him to investigate Monica because of Saul and warns her that this man will be her perdition. Alejandro makes Matamoros faint and takes his gun and searches him in a rush.

  50. 50. Episode 50

    Not available44 minutesFebruary 5, 2017NRSubtitles

    Gabino surprises Monica, he is wearing a hood but she recognizes him because of his stare. Gabino struggles with her, Monica hits her head and faints. At the same time, Altagracia surprises Alejandro who discovers the altar and she shoots him.

  51. 51. Episode 51

    Not available45 minutesFebruary 6, 2017NRSubtitles

    Ximena is put under a lot of pressure to investigate Lazaro; she agrees if Braulio promises not to hurt anyone else. Braulio denies once more his involvement in Aguirre’s death.

  52. 52. Episode 52

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 7, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia is upset and in a heated argument, she tells Regina that she will never forgive her and to never return, she will have her belongings shipped to her.

  53. 53. Episode 53

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 8, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia strolls in the garden during the charity. She receives Daniel treating him nicely setting him up as prey.

  54. 54. Episode 54

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 9, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia refuses to say who is the man that threatened her. Saul continues to think it is his father and swears he will find the killer and make him pay in prison or with his life.

  55. 55. Episode 55

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 12, 2017NRSubtitles

    Lopecito kisses Valeria, she is about to tell him she is pregnant but his wife Elena appears with their child.

  56. 56. Episode 56

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 13, 2017NRSubtitles

    Azucena Confronts Ximena and tells her she suspects that she conspired with Braulio to push Saul away from Lady Altagracia and this is why the turned Jaime against her. Saul asks Lopecito to investigate Valeria.

  57. 57. Episode 57

    Not available45 minutesFebruary 14, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracias orders Gabino not to touch Saul but to incarcerate Monica. Monica tells Saul her plans to leave with her father.

  58. 58. Episode 58

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 15, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul is jealous of Adolfo comforting Monica and tells her his feelings towards her. Saul and Monica remember the attack on the community, Monica explodes blaming the attack on Lady Altagracia.

  59. 59. Episode 59

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 16, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul asks for Karen to help him find Monica. Adolfo is desperate and wants to help find her, but Yesenia convinces him to stay can care for Lazaro who is still unconscious.

  60. 60. Episode 60

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 19, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica finds a way to make a phone call and calls Saul, she tells him she is in prison. Diego looks for Lidyia at the hospital and he swears he will conquer her love. Valeria nearly faints and Lopecito is concerned.

  61. 61. Episode 61

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 20, 2017NRSubtitles

    Braulio has his suspicion of the toast; however Altagracia convinces him and he finally drinks.

  62. 62. Episode 62

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 21, 2017NRSubtitles

    Leticia takes Lopecito and Valeria back to her home to calm them down, Lopecito swears to Valeria that he will be by her side no matter who’s the child is. Valeria says she loves him.

  63. 63. Episode 63

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 22, 2017NRSubtitles

    Karen informs Saul that Monica and Margarita are in the punishment cells. Gabino discovers that one of the Sandoval’s is alive and she pressed charges but no one believed her.

  64. 64. Episode 64

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 23, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul meets with the warden using all of his arguments and contacts to try to help Monica. Rafael tells Daniel that they will now go after Francisco Vega, the other Monkey.

  65. 65. Episode 65

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 26, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul and Altagracia debate, both ask for the truth, she asks Saul for proof that she is involved in Monica’s detainment.

  66. 66. Episode 66

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 27, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul has Braulio at gunpoint, Azucena intervenes and Valeria faints. Jorge and Ximena take Saul and Azucena away.

  67. 67. Episode 67

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 28, 2017NRSubtitles

    Diego goes to court to support Lidya and Monica. Ximena makes love to Braulio and he discovers the hidden cameras.

  68. 68. Episode 68

    Not available45 minutesMarch 1, 2017NRSubtitles

    Valeria orders the release of Monica and Margarita, everyone celebrates in the court. Altagracia explodes. Regina and Felipe celebrate when they hear the news.

  69. 69. Episode 69

    Not available43 minutesMarch 2, 2017NRSubtitles

    Regina and Felipe meet with Altagracia. Valeria tells Braulio she is pregnant. Regina confirms to Altagracia that she is Monica’s mother.

  70. 70. Episode 70

    Not available43 minutesMarch 5, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul and Azucena are concerned as they cannot find Ximena. Felipe tells Lazaro no to worry, knowing he would not accept his help he paid a year in advance the apartments rent, he promises revenge from Altagracia when he returns to power.

  71. 71. Episode 71

    Not available43 minutesMarch 6, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul feels that Altagracia threatened Yesenia to alter the story of what happened the day his father died. Amalia visits Leticia and is surprised when she sees the tattoo, stating her husband has one just like it.

  72. 72. Episode 72

    Not available43 minutesMarch 7, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia supports Adolfo as she has a feeling he loves Monica, she tells him that her relationship with Saul is just a phase. Leticia tells Valeria her suspicions that Rafael was part of a gang of rapist.

  73. 73. Episode 73

    Not available43 minutesMarch 8, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia apologizes to Monica for all the pain she has caused, Monica does not believe her and walks away pledging vengeance. Emiliano tells Isabela that her aunt threatened him as well as this is her nature.

  74. 74. Episode 74

    Not available43 minutesMarch 9, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica asks Saul to never meet with Altagracia again. Altagracia calls a Politician asking him to have Braulio released in exchange for a personal construction favor.

  75. 75. Episode 75

    Not available43 minutesMarch 12, 2017NRSubtitles

    Rafael tells Emiliano to break off with Isabela. Regina takes Isabela to live with her.

  76. 76. Episode 76

    Not available43 minutesMarch 13, 2017NRSubtitles

    Francisco threatens Altagracia asking her for the names of the people that know of the existence of the monkeys or her niece will pay for her silence.

  77. 77. Episode 77

    Not available43 minutesMarch 14, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia is shocked with Rafael’s presence, he fakes being lost, he is relieved she does not relate him to the Monkeys. Braulio arrives home surprised Isabela and Valeria are alone waiting for Diego.

  78. 78. Episode 78

    Not available43 minutesMarch 15, 2017NRSubtitles

    Rafael tells Daniel that he is doing this to save Leticia. Saul is jealous of Monica speaking so highly of Adolfo.

  79. 79. Episode 79

    Not available43 minutesMarch 16, 2017NRSubtitles

    Rafael tells Altagracia that is the daughter she has is his he will support her. Emiliano speaks evasively to Rafael; he does not tell him that his mother is in the hospital.

  80. 80. Episode 80

    Not available43 minutesMarch 19, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul and Karen arrive and the abandoned home is surrounded. Karen kills a bodyguard in self-defense. David the second guard escapes and warns Francisco who is about to choke Altagracia.

  81. 81. Episode 81

    Not available43 minutesMarch 20, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia discovers he chose Monica. Rafael explains to Leticia that Francisco was going to kill them, he does not tell her about their connection with Altagracia.

  82. 82. Episode 82

    Not available43 minutesMarch 21, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica ends her relationship with Saul. Altagracia informs Braulio and Matamoros that she is planning her vengeance towards Daniel but does not give details.

  83. 83. Episode 83

    Not available43 minutesMarch 22, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul is anxious thinking of the 2 women in his life, Lopecito tries to comfort him.

  84. 84. Episode 84

    Not available43 minutesMarch 23, 2017NRSubtitles

    Adolfo confirms Monica is not Lazaro’s daughter, she is devastated. Adolfo tells her that it is possible her mother could have deceived Lazaro and he does not know.

  85. 85. Episode 85

    Not available43 minutesMarch 26, 2017NRSubtitles

    Daniel does not let himself be manipulated by Altagracia and does not give the name of the other monkey. Karen promises Saul to help him if he does not get involved in her case.

  86. 86. Episode 86

    Not available43 minutesMarch 28, 2017NRSubtitles

    Rafael intercepts Yesenia and threatens her regarding Monica, she says he will avenge Emiliano. Monica and Adolfo speak to Valeria about the company, she kicks them out very nervous.

  87. 87. Episode 87

    Not available43 minutesMarch 29, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica is in search for truth with Regina but Isabela interrupts. Saul and Altagracia make love. Elena arrives to Braulio’s home before he can disappear the car, she discovers that Valeria is pregnant.

  88. 88. Episode 88

    Not available43 minutesMarch 30, 2017NRSubtitles

    Gabino has Monica at gunpoint, she tells him that she is Altagracia’s daughter, he does not know what to do as he knows she would not forgive him. Lidya goes through the difficult process of stating the facts and showing evidence.

  89. 89. Episode 89

    Not available43 minutesApril 2, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia is furious with Gabino’s comments, he know what happened 20 years ago, she tries to stop the fire but Matamoros holds her back.

  90. 90. Episode 90

    Not available43 minutesApril 3, 2017NRSubtitles

    “Weeks later”, Altagracia worries about her daughter. Saul continues in prison, he is anxious about Monica. Lazaro and Felipe pick up Monica from the hospital, she thanks Felipe for taking care of her father, Adolfo arrives with her at a surprise party.

  91. 91. Episode 91

    Not available45 minutesApril 3, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica tells everyone she knows who her mother is but tells Lazaro to rest assured she will continue with her normal life.

  92. 92. Episode 92

    Not available43 minutesApril 4, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica tells Azucena the truth. Azucena advises to forget them both as they are mother and daughter. Altagracia continues the visit with Daniel and Rafael draws closer.

  93. 93. Episode 93

    Not available45 minutesApril 4, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul enquires about Monica’s father. Altagracia asks Saul to stop seeing her and Monica. Braulio continues to hold Valeria, Leticia and Diego, Lopecito arrives and distracts Braulio allowing the police to rescue them.

  94. 94. Episode 94

    Not available43 minutesApril 5, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica reacts furiously after she discovers that Daniel could be her father, she slaps him, Margarita and Lydia do not understand what is happening.

  95. 95. Episode 95

    Not available45 minutesApril 5, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia listens to Saul’s petition to not kill Daniel. Lazaro asks Monica to settle things with Altagracia.

  96. 96. Episode 96

    Not available43 minutesApril 6, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia asks Rafael if he knows Daniel and informs him that he was a monkey. Happiness surrounds the wedding, pictures and Mariachi while entering.

  97. 97. Episode 97

    Not available45 minutesApril 6, 2017NRSubtitles

    The wedding continues, Altagracia gets ready to part. Regina and Felipe leave. Karen halts Jorge’s love demonstrations, she does not want anyone to know of their relationship, Magdalena suspects.

  98. 98. Episode 98

    Not available43 minutesApril 9, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica tells Rafael that she called Altagracia, he is scared and says she will kill him. Altagracia and Regina arrive and face the truth with Rafael, Monica is hurt that she is a daughter of a rapist and murderer, she leaves.

  99. 99. Episode 99

    Not available45 minutesApril 9, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia is not intimidated by Braulio’s blackmail; she says she has nothing to do with his actions. Leticia is very upset, Rafael proposes to start a new life with Monica, she does not accept and asks him to leave.

  100. 100. Episode 100

    Not available43 minutesApril 10, 2017NRSubtitles

    The judge sentences 67 years of prison, everyone celebrates. Monica tells Rafael that is he wants her to consider changing her mind, he must turn herself in as well as Daniel.

  101. 101. Episode 101

    Not available45 minutesApril 10, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia mentions that Felipe attacked and threatened her. Regina promises she will talk to Felipe. Yesenia tells Monica that Altagracia asked for forgiveness and her father will rest in peace.

  102. 102. Episode 102

    Not available43 minutesApril 11, 2017NRSubtitles

    Daniel informs Altagracia that Gustavo knows he is a monkey and Saul knew Gustavo was going after him.

  103. 103. Episode 103

    Not available45 minutesApril 11, 2017NRSubtitles

    Rafael suspects Altagracia want him to kill Felipe as a plan to have him sent to prison and get lynched once inside. Rafael and Altagracia figure it was Brualio who told Felipe.

  104. 104. Episode 104

    Not available44 minutesApril 12, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia mentions she wants them to live in peace, they toast for happiness. Daniel asks the women to support Saul and Monica in the foundation. Lopecito is the father of the child Valeria carries.

  105. 105. Episode 105

    Not available45 minutesApril 12, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia confesses to Karen that she was attacked by the monkeys but she has nothing to do with the findings in the basement and accuses Braulio.

  106. 106. Episode 106

    Not available42 minutesApril 13, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul, Karen and Jorge are uncertain if Rafael acted alone, Karen and Jorge decide to go after him. Lopecito call Saul for support to go to Elena’s home, he suspects Braulio is there.

  107. 107. Episode 107

    Not available44 minutesApril 16, 2017NRSubtitles

    Yesenia dies in Monica’s arms; she confesses her grandmother said she would die. Altagracia is desperate on the phone as she does not know who was killed.

  108. 108. Episode 108

    Not available45 minutesApril 16, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica says no, Adolfo is upset and tells her Saul is certainly sleeping with Altagracia, Adolfo sees Saul and an argument erupts.

  109. 109. Episode 109

    Not available43 minutesApril 17, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia saves Daniel. Lidya did not get on the truck, they kiss. Valeria tells Isabela that Diego went on a trip and to wait for him to return.

  110. 110. Episode 110

    Not available45 minutesApril 17, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia wins over the women and children at the foundation. Altagracia walks through the building and the children are joyful with the remodeling.

  111. 111. Episode 111

    Not available43 minutesApril 18, 2017NRSubtitles

    Monica and Saul argue if she loves him or Adolfo, Margarita interrupts. Monica and Margarita go to the apartment; Monica confesses she feels nothing for Adolfo but will do anything she can to forget Saul.

  112. 112. Episode 112

    Not available45 minutesApril 18, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia continues to provoke Saul, telling him that Daniel is in love with her and risked his life to save her. Rafael want to attack but Braulio says to hold off as he wants to see them suffer.

  113. 113. Episode 113

    Not available43 minutesApril 19, 2017NRSubtitles

    Matamoros and Daniel find Altagracia and Saul. Altagracia takes Saul to her secretroom, she does not want to take him to a hospital for security reasons.

  114. 114. Episode 114

    Not available45 minutesApril 19, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul asks why he wasn’t taken to a hospital. Altagracia explains about her beliefs and why she took him there, she was concerned about his security as Braulio and Rafael could have gone to a hospital and killed them.

  115. 115. Episode 115

    Not available43 minutesApril 20, 2017NRSubtitles

    Rafael threatens Altagracia and asks her to confess that she was who ordered Felipe’s murder, she does not concede. Braulio watches everything from his car. Monica and Leticia rescue the woman.

  116. 116. Episode 116

    Not available45 minutesApril 20, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia continues her ritual; Saul tries to get out of the trance he denies making love to her as he is thinking of Monica.

  117. 117. Episode 117

    Not available45 minutesApril 24, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul enters the bar using information provided by Yuridia, he pretends to be a customer while Karen and Lopecito wait outside. Jorge covers the rear entrance.

  118. 118. Episode 118

    Not available43 minutesApril 25, 2017NRSubtitles

    Saul enters the bar using information provided by Yuridia, he pretends to be a customer while Karen and Lopecito wait outside. Jorge covers the rear entrance.

  119. 119. Episode 119

    Not available45 minutesApril 27, 2017NRSubtitles

    Marcos and Margarita comfort Diego for the death of his father and they are informed of the video. They discuss what to do with the video, send it to the police or not do anything.

  120. 120. Episode 120

    Not available45 minutesApril 30, 2017NRSubtitles

    Altagracia grabs her weapon and points toward the wedding. Matamoros tries to hold her from shooting while she continues to observe the wedding full of rage and hate.

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