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Inspector Chingum

20182 SeasonsNR

Chingum, the Police in-charge of Shantiwood Police station has a strong South Indian accent. His misadventures leads the character to become comical yet very action oriented. Chingum dreams of a “Zero Crime City”. Chingum is accompanied by Hera, Pheri, Khabrilal, Chatur, Dosa Anna & Bozo. A vicious villian No Baal who secretly owns a Crime University but Chingum always defeats him.

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Episodes (28)

  1. 1. Aakhari Ravan

    Not available21 minutesApril 26, 2018NR

    Inspector Chingum makes a grand entry and saves Mayor Jaldbole’s golden necklace from the robbers during his Felicitation ceremony. Meanwhile, No Baal turns an innocent man Raghavan into Aakhri Raavan. Aakhri Raavan bashes Chingum. Chatur prepares an anti-dote (capsule). Chingum throws the capsule into Raavan’s mouth and defeats him. Raavan becomes Raghavan once again and is thankful to Chingum.

  2. 2. 5 Star Robber

    Not available20 minutesApril 26, 2018NR

    At the Shantiwood Cycling competition, a few robbers rob the people Shantiwood. On interrogating the cyclists, Chingum realizes that a new robber, 5 star robber, is in town. He is a disciple of No baal and wants to impress him. Khabrilal’s secret agent informs them about a possibly robbery at Lena bank. Chingum’s chases 5 star robber & his gang and arrests them with the help of his Dosa powers.

  3. 3. Moving Paintings

    Not available21 minutesApril 26, 2018NR

    There is an exhibition of special moving paintings by Rangeela painter in Shantiwood. Piantings are stollen by No Baal's goons, Ek Baal, Do Baal and Teen Baal. With the help of Khabrilal Chingam finds out where the goons are hiding. Their hideout is like a scary maze. Chingam defeats them using a special gadget by Chatur. The fight involves a lot of action comedy.

  4. 4. Football Mein Golmaal

    Not available22 minutesApril 26, 2018NR

    Jealous with the happiness of Shantiwood and success of Shantiwood Soccer Club, Nobaal creates a team of Robots – The Baaler’s Club. Each of the robots is invincible. None of the SSC players have the courage to play with Baller’s club. Chingum makes his own team called Super 11. Super 11 players play with their own special styles and snatch victory from Baller’s club’s hands.

  5. 5. Rusty Gayab

    Not available21 minutesMay 3, 2018NR

    Mayor Jaldbole's dog Rusty runs away after breaking some valuables in the house mistakenly. She asks Chingum and everyone else to find him out. Chingum is able to find him but he runs away again in fear and reaches a blast site. With the help of Chatur’s gadget Chingum is able to locate Rusty. He rescues him and hands him over to the Mayor.

  6. 6. Bozo or Zobo

    Not available22 minutesApril 26, 2018NR

    Billo trains a look alike dog of Bozo to behave and act like Bozo. His name is Zobo. No Baal sends him disguised as Bozo to Chingum's cabin to steal a secret file. Zobo misbehaves with everyone. This creates a lot of confusion because of which Bozo suffers a lot. However, at the end Bozo fights and saves the file.

  7. 7. Invisible Man

    Not available20 minutesMay 17, 2018NR

    One of the students of No Baal, Albert creates a new gadget which helps him to become invisible. He pretends to be a ghost and creates problems for people of Shantiwood. Chingum then takes help from Khabrilal and finds out about this. He defeats Albert and saves Shantiwood.

  8. 8. Kohinoor Heera

    Not available22 minutesApril 26, 2018NR

    No Ball orders Raka to steal the Kohinoor Heera but khabrilal gives away this information to Chingum. With the help of Chatur's gadgets he tries to keep Kohinoor Heera secured but Raka steals it and fleas away. When Chingum is unable to find him, he has to use his Dosa powers to locate and hunt Raka down to secure back the Kohinoor Heera.

  9. 9. Unstoppable Train

    Not available21 minutesMay 24, 2018NR

    Shantiwood gets a new speed bullet train. Chingum comes to inaugurate it and all of his friends go for the 1st journey. No baal’s goons enter the engine and destroy the automatic controls of the train. Train and all it's passengers are in danger. Chingum then uses his vigour and support of his friends and train staff to save control the train.

  10. 10. Speedo

    Not available21 minutesJune 1, 2018NR

    Chingum is a on a holiday when Speedo, a goon plotted by No Ball loots people because of his speed. However Chingum uses his might and with the help of his associates and Chatur, he defeats Speedo.

  11. 11. Crying Bird

    Not available21 minutesJune 7, 2018NR

    No baal steals the only egg of crying bird. Her cry is something no one can endure. He hides the egg on one of his dangerous Icelands. Bird gets into depression and starts crying so Chingum decides to bring the egg back. Chingum goes on a unique journey to find it. He has to go through various challenges but he takes an oath to find the egg anyhow.

  12. 12. Sapera

    Not available21 minutesJune 14, 2018NR

    A goon Jugnoo comes to take away the peace from shantiwood. Jugnoo has 7 different snakes whom he uses to loot people. Chingum catches the snake but in the absense of any law to arrest animals, he has to let them go. He then uses Chatur's help and frees the snakes from Jugnoo and releases them to the Jungle.

  13. 13. Helicopter Ride

    Not available21 minutesJune 25, 2018NR

    A biker theif named Dhadhaskar gifts Chingum a special helicopter with the help of No Ball. This Helicopter creates a mirage of a pecaeful city as Chingum goes for petrolling in it, while Dhadhaskar loots people. When Chingum finds out the truth he fights and beats up all the goons.

  14. 14. Robin Hooda

    Not available21 minutesJuly 9, 2018NR

    Inspector Chingum is visiting his friend tribal king Raja Cherakoo. Robin Hooda, a brilliant archer and local theif attacks them and takes away the valuable diamond from Raja Cherakoo. Chingum then finds out Robin Hooda with the help of khabrilal and fights with him to get the diamomd back, and ends up unraveling another secret about Raja Cherakoo's lost son.

  15. 15. Bhool Gaya Sab Kuch

    Not available20 minutesJuly 16, 2018NR

    Queen of Timbaktu visits Shantiwood and is very happy with the hospitality of the people. She presents them with a Raj Mudra of her kingdom which is given to Supertar Chocolate to take care of. He falls off during dancing and has memory loss. They all put all the efforts to make him remember the Raj Mudra. But will he?

  16. 16. Bade Chhote

    Not available21 minutesJuly 23, 2018NR

    Bade Chhotey are using a game to bring yesteryear's animals to life and create chaos in Shantiwood but Inspector Chingum takes the help from Khabrilal and finds out about the game. He tries to divert the animals but Bade Chhotey have another paln ready. Will Chingum be able to save Shantiwood?

  17. 17. Bhopu Topu

    Not available20 minutesJuly 30, 2018NR

    No baal meets Bhopu Topu, 2 musicians who can control a pair of huge hands which helps them in their illegal activities. Chingum tries to arrest the hands but Bhopu Topu are doing this from a hideout. Khabrilal, with the help of khufiya agent Chamko (a bat), informs Inspector Chingum about their plans of looting all the banks of Shantiwood. Chingum defeats them using his wit and intelligence.

  18. 18. Robot Statue

    Not available20 minutesAugust 6, 2018NR

    No ball creates statues who turn into theivs in the night and loot Shantiwood. Chingum tries to catch them but fails. Chatur helps him to successfully break all the robot statues but unfortunately they all combine to become a huge robot. Chingum then tricks the huge robot and makes him fall down in water. Robot manages to come out but ends up in a huge blast with all it's parts flying in the air.

  19. 19. Sukdu Pehlwan

    Not available20 minutesAugust 13, 2018NR

    A specially trained wrestler from No Baal’s crime university challenges Chingam for a fight. By physical appearance he seems very weak, but anger bloats him up to become a muscular fighter. Initially, Chingam gets an upper hand and everyone in Shantiwood hails him, but later on Sukdu blows up like a giant. Chingam is unable to beat him. Then expert advice from Justik saves Chingam.

  20. 20. Bubbly Bubbly Boo

    Not available20 minutesAugust 20, 2018NR

    No baal's nephew Babloo invents a unique device which creates bubbles that are so strong that it can trap anyone in it. No Ball uses him to create havoc. Inspector Chingum calls Khabrilal. He uses khufiya agent, goldfish, who informs him that he can stop Babloo by breaking his device. Can Inspector Chingum defeat Babloo or will he get trapped in the bubbles of Babloo forever?

  21. 21. Belt Trouble

    Not available18 minutesAugust 27, 2018NR

    No baall's students Paplu-Taplu exchange Chingum's uniform belt with their own remote controlled belt. Everytime Chingum tries to catch them, his pants come off. Chingum then takes help from Chatur and the secret behind his belt is revealed. Can Chingum now overcome his belt trouble and catch Paplu Taplu?

  22. 22. Superstar Chocolate ka Kidnap

    Not available20 minutesSeptember 3, 2018NR

    While shooting for an action sequence Superstar Chocolate gets kidnapped. With the help of khabrilal, Inspector chingum and Hera Pheri go towards the jungle cottage to rescue Superstar chocolate. Will Inspector Chingum succeed in rescuing Superstar Chocolate?

  23. 23. Bike out of control

    Not available20 minutesSeptember 10, 2018NR

    Chingum's superbike is his strength. No Baal's goons take Chingum's superbike under control. It starts destroying Chingum. Chingum ends up in Chatur's lab. Chatur fixes the bike and helps Chingum in identifying the goons. Chingum takes his revenge and makes the score equal.

  24. 24. Mad Hammer

    Not available21 minutesSeptember 17, 2018NR

    Inspector Chingum has been given the responsibility of protecting the heritage float showcased in Shantiwood day Parade. No Baal sends Mad Hammer to steal the float and its expensive materials. Inspector chingum takes help from Khabrilal and his khufiya agent Sher, to get to know about Mad Hammer. Can Inspector Chingum bring back the heritage of Shantiwood and re-establish his reputation?

  25. 25. Monkey Training

    Not available21 minutesSeptember 24, 2018NR

    3 Monkeys enter Shantiwood and start creating mess and Chingum fails to catch them. Khabrilal convinces chingum to train the monkeys. One day when Chingum gets late for the training, the monkeys take his jeep and start driving around in the city. Accidently two goons escaping after looting the jewellery shop gets hit by the Jeep driven by monkeys and Chingum catch them.

  26. 26. Hera ki Shaadi

    Not available21 minutesOctober 1, 2018NR

    No Baal has an evil plan of Shipping Gold consignment from Shantiwood Port. Ek baal entices Hera to believe that Doh baal, Swapna Sundari, is a princess and wants to marry him. Inspector Chingum get trapped into his plan for Hera's lavish marriage near the dockyard .Khabrilal's agent, dolphin informs Inspector Chingum that this is a trap. Can Inspector Chingum break this evil trap set by No baal?

  27. 101. Music Video 01

    Not available22 minutesJune 1, 2018NR

    Compilation of Songs

  28. 102. Action & Comedy Gags

    Not available22 minutesJuly 23, 2018NR

    Action and Comedy Gags.

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