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Tumble Leaf

8,520166 sesongerAlleUndertekster og teksting for hørselshemmedeX-Ray

Tumble Leaf is a series aimed at preschoolers, set in a whimsical land where a small blue fox named Fig plays each day and discovers adventure, friendship and love around every bend in the path. Children will be enriched by narratives that promote play, the fun of learning and understanding the world around them.

Christopher Downs,Brooke Wolloff,Zac McDowell
العربية,中文(简体),中文(繁體),Deutsch,English [CC],Español (Latinoamérica),Español (España),Français,हिन्दी,Indonesia,Italiano,한국어,Nederlands,Português,Русский,Türkçe
Deutsch,English,Español (España),Español (Latinoamérica),Français,Indonesia,Italiano,Nederlands,Português,Türkçe,Русский,العربية,हिन्दी,中文(简体),中文(繁體),한국어
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Episoder (13)

  1. 1. "Magic Mirror" / A Rainbow in My Room"

    23 minutter10. desember 2015AlleUndertekster

    MAGIC MIRROR In a race against time, Fig and Hedge must learn how to do their floating magic trick before their invited audience arrives. A RAINBOW IN MY ROOM Fig chases a rainbow, hoping to catch it so Stick can keep it in their room.

  2. 2. "Snowflake Dance" / "The Tinsel Tree Topper"

    24 minutter10. desember 2015AlleUndertekster

    SNOWFLAKE DANCE An injured Rutabaga can’t do the Snowflake Dance so Maple steps in and learns the dance in unexpected ways. THE TINSEL TREE TOPPER When Fig loses, then breaks a special holiday tree topper, he learns that just being together is a reason to celebrate.

  3. 3. "Gourd Gets Stuck" / "The Swing of Things"

    23 minutter10. desember 2015AlleUndertekster

    GOURD GETS STUCK Fig and Maple set out to rescue Gourd and help him get his beloved teddy bear back. THE SWING OF THINGS Fig's pocket-watch-on-a-chain is too small for all the barnacles to swing on together, so he searches for a swing big enough for all of them.

  4. 4. "Okra's Sweater" / "Stick's Meshroom Mansion"

    24 minutter10. desember 2015AlleUndertekster

    OKRA'S SWEATER While delivering a sweater to Okra the Octopus, the sweater accidentally unravels and Fig and Hedge learn how to weave a new sweater. STICK'S MESHROOM MANSION To accomodate Stick's ever-growing surfshell collection, Fig adds to Stick’s arm barrel home until Fig can no longer carry it. Will Stick choose his collection or Fig?

  5. 5. "Stick is Sick" / "Things That Go Gourd In The Night"

    24 minutter10. desember 2015AlleUndertekster

    STICK IS SICK As a noisy beetle concert blares nearby, Fig must figure out how to create quiet so a sick Stick can rest and get better. THINGS THAT GO GOURD IN THE NIGHT A sleep-dancing Gourd causes quite the stir as Fig and his friends use their imaginations to solve the mystery of what is making the strange sounds they’re hearing in the night.

  6. 6. "Figamajig" / "Camping It Up"

    24 minutter10. desember 2015AlleUndertekster

    FIGAMAJIG Fig finds an unidentifiable object and sets off to ask Maple what it is, discovering along the way that it’s a “Figure It Out” machine. CAMPING IT UP When Fig and Hedge’s supplies disappear, their campout seems doomed. But, Fig’s blanket and their creative ingenuity save the day and their trip.

  7. 7. "Mighty Mud Movers" / "Having A Ball"

    24 minutter5. mai 2016AlleUndertekster

    MIGHTY MUD MOVERS When a leaky dam endangers the beetles' mud-sculpture, Fig and Buckeye puddle-jump to the rescue. HAVING A BALL When Fig, Hedge and Pine go on a mini-vacation to Tumble World, Fig's scoop comes in handy in overcoming obstacles to getting there.

  8. 8. "Yak Wash" / "The Caterpillar Wing Ding"

    21 minutter5. mai 2016AlleUndertekster

    YAK WASH Fig turns a garden hose into a sprinkler and solves the mystery of the stinky dust that's covering him and his friends. THE CATERPILLAR WING DING Fig is thrilled when Stick invites him to the Caterpillar Wing Ding to celebrate caterpillar traditions.

  9. 9. "The Glow Below" / "Sub In A Bottle"

    23 minutter5. mai 2016AlleUndertekster

    THE GLOW BELOW Fig takes his camera on an undersea adventure in Maple’s submarine to find the source of a mysterious glimmering glow. SUB IN A BOTTLE Fig and Maple receive a gift from a lonely, camouflaging cuttlefish - but when they go underwater to look for the gift sender, they have trouble finding him!"

  10. 10. "Buckeye's Runaway House" / "Caboose On The Loose"

    21 minutter5. mai 2016AlleUndertekster

    BUCKEYE'S RUNAWAY HOUSE Buckeye is having trouble with his house rolling away and Fig discovers his yo-yo holds the solution. CABOOSE ON THE LOOSE Fig and Buckeye come to the rescue as, on their way to the Show & Share Fair, everyone’s craft carts get stuck together and form a runaway train with the Chicks aboard!

  11. 11. "Clam-tastic Voyage" / "Double Vision"

    24 minutter5. mai 2016AlleUndertekster

    CLAM-TASTIC VOYAGE When Hedge claims to have seen the Abominable Snow Clam, Fig and Maple venture into a crystal-filled cave to help him prove it. DOUBLE VISION Fig gives his binoculars to Hedge to distract him while they prepare "Hedge Day." But, from Hedge’s partial view, it looks like his friends are in trouble.

  12. 12. "Thinking Outside The Hoop" / "Fig's Hay-Maze-ing Wander"

    23 minutter5. mai 2016AlleUndertekster

    THINKING OUTSIDE THE HOOP While Fig tries to master twirling a hoop with his hips, the runaway hoop serendipitously inspires solutions to his friends’ problems. FIG'S HAY-MAZE-ING WANDER Fig finds his friends, who are lost in a maze, not by figuring things out but by random wandering.

  13. 13. "The Windy Hop" / "Captain's Cap"

    21 minutter5. mai 2016AlleUndertekster

    THE WINDY HOP Fig uses his umbrella to navigate Gourd’s long-lost Granny Coco through strong winds and lead her to Gourd for a family reunion. CAPTAIN'S CAP When Ginkgo the Crab’s hat is unwittingly blown into the Finding Place, Fig finds it and sets out to return it to its rightful owner – whoever that may be.

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