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Doctor X Surgeon Michiko Daimon

20135 sesongerNRUndertekster og teksting for hørselshemmede

Doctor X is the name given to a surgeon who dares to perform operations on risky cases with low survival rates and no established method. Michiko is the Doctor X who causes multitudes of controversies at a hospital because she simply never makes any compromise. Her spectacular moves against the odds wipe out stagnated daily life at the hospital!

Ryoko Yonekura
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Episoder (9)

  1. 1. ope.1

    1 time16. oktober 2013NRUndertekster

    Akira Kanbara and Michiko Daimon are enjoying the races at a horse track in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Over in the owner’s box, a woman in a luxurious fur is sipping champagne with a young man. The woman’s horse is disqualified after it gets in the way of the horse Michiko placed a bet on. Michiko ends up losing all her money and the woman’s horse suffers a life-threatening fracture.

  2. 2. ope.2

    46 minutter23. oktober 2013NRUndertekster

    The king of real estate, Kinya Ninomiya, is a huge supporter of Teito University Hospital Ⅲ’s Shigekatsu Hiruma. Hiruma recently operated on Ninomiya, but his ascending colon cancer has returned. Hiruma cannot afford to admit a recurrence of the cancer caused by a surgical error and tells Ninomiya he discovered a new early stage of cancer. Everyone but Michiko Daimon is ready to cooperate.

  3. 3. ope.3

    46 minutter30. oktober 2013NRUndertekster

    Hanako Hiruma is the chairman of the Professor Wives Club. She tells her husband, Director of Surgery Shigekatsu Hiruma, to schedule another operation for the wife of Surgery Professor Kanie. Hanako is livid after her rival Torako Mimura, the wife of an internal medicine professor, sarcastically pointed out how poor Kanie’s wife’s condition was a year after she went under the knife.

  4. 4. ope.4

    47 minutter6. november 2013NRUndertekster

    Ginza club Nakazono hostess Rumiko Shijo visits Teito Medical University Hospital to see the Director of Surgery, Shigekatsu Hiruma. Rumiko has connections to people in politics, show business, sports, and medicine. She helped Hiruma rise through the ranks with her background as an empress of Ginza. There are rumors she might be working behind the scenes for the next chief professor selections.

  5. 5. ope.5

    46 minutter13. november 2013NRUndertekster

    A world-known surgeon from Massachusetts International University Hospital, Mitsuhiko Kusakabe, returns to Japan with an invitation from the Director of Surgery, Shigekatsu Hiruma. Hiruma is planning to hold a public surgery with Kusakabe. He is hoping to increase the value of his stock by showing off his connection to the famous doctor.

  6. 6. ope.6

    47 minutter20. november 2013NRUndertekster

    The handsome lecturer, Shinobu Kondo, and the tough-looking professor, Takashi Ebina, are battling to become the next term’s Department Head. Kondo’s father visits with a medical file he received at a hospital near his house. He wants his son’s opinion, but without even looking at his file, his son says he has hepatitis and leaves him with Michiko Daimon as he joins the Director of Surgery.

  7. 7. ope.7

    46 minutter27. november 2013NRUndertekster

    The battle between Surgery and Internal Medicine intensifies. Shigekatsu Hiruma’s candidate, Shinobu Kondo, becomes a professor. Takashi Ebina is skipped and Kondo is Hiruma’s main pick for the next Department Head. But a surprising rival shows up. The former Department Head, Naoki Takano, who was transferred to Kanazawa by Hiruma, gets called back by Kazuyo Mabuchi.

  8. 8. ope.8

    46 minutter11. desember 2013NRUndertekster

    Michiko Daimon was fired from Teito University Hospital and sent to the Teito University Hospital's Takamatsu No. 24 Satellite. Hideki Kaji also works at this hospital. He used to be the top surgeon at the Third Teito University Hospital, but was reassigned to a rural location because of Michiko. At the hospital, Michiko meets a young patient with a malignant form of myofibroblastoma.

  9. 9. Last ope

    1 time, 12 minutter18. desember 2013NRUndertekster

    Michiko Daimon is allowed to perform surgery on Kurumi Murata, who has a malignant myofibroblastoma, at the main Teito University Hospital Ⅲ. Cancer cells have unfortunately spread to multiple organs. Michiko plans to perform Japan’s first multi-organ ex-vivo resection by removing six organs – the stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver, large intestines, and small intestines.

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