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Change is in the air in Series 3 of this “wildly popular” (The Hollywood Reporter) Australia drama. Strengthened by recent hardships, the coastal community of Pearl Bay is more united than ever, ready to face any challenges that lie ahead. For Laura (Sigrid Thornton, Wentworth), that means coming to terms with her feelings for Max (William McInnes, The Time of Our Lives) and her future path.
Sigrid ThorntonCassandra MagrathJohn Howard
English [CC]
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  1. 1. Best Laid Plans
    August 26, 2000
    Just when life is finally going to plan, the bulldozers descend on Pearl Bay. The town is thrown together in their fight to save what is left of Macgettigan's boatshed...and Max's possessions. It isn't long before the collective finger is pointed at Bob Jelly. Laura finds herself in a passionate moment with Max, but the lessons of the past are hard to forget.
  2. 2. How Much Greener Was My Neighbour’s Valley
    September 2, 2000
    Jealousy runs rife in Pearl Bay as the dreaded CFA Dance approaches. Taking advantage of this year's Latin theme, seductive flamenco instructor Francesca spins into town-instantly scoring the attention of the menfolk, including Max. While Bob's real estate license remains suspended, Heather reluctantly puts hers to use.
  3. 3. Hungi Jury
    September 9, 2000
    Trouble in the ranks, backstabbing, and a raging hungi debate...Laura couldn't have picked a worse time to join the Women's Auxiliary. Her sojourn into the world of sponge cake and tea rooms is soon cut short by club president Vicki Drury, whose husband soon lands himself in Laura’s court. On assignment at a toxic waste dump, Max and Carmen's squabbling takes a personal turn.
  4. 4. Bonfire of the VCRs
    September 16, 2000
    As the news of Carmen and Max's affair infiltrates the town, Carmen heads to the city, feigning excitement about a job interview. Max feels guilty, but Carmen insists she is not leaving Pearl Bay because of him. When the new local administrator forms plans to build a tunnel between Pearl Bay and Port Deakin, Meredith and Bob form an unlikely alliance and call for a complete Port Deakin boycott.
  5. 5. Pipeline
    September 23, 2000
    Laura is tired of being let down by the men in her life, and now Angus's quest of self-discovery has left her without a court clerk and a mountain of paperwork. What perfect timing for handsome and uncomplicated court reviewer Warwick Munro to arrive in Pearl Bay. Max tries to redeem himself by singing Laura's praises, but he’s conflicted when he realizes Warwick is interested in Laura.
  6. 6. Adversely Possessed
    September 30, 2000
    Laura's niggling doubts about Warwick begin to dissipate as she begins to fall for his charms... if only the locals would stop interrupting them. Apart from Warwick, the town's attention turns to "Still Waters," a city newspaper column detailing the life and times of a small coastal town. Even though the parallels between the fictional town and Pearl Bay are uncanny, only Miranda cottons on.
  7. 7. Blowing in the Wind
    October 7, 2000
    A strange wind blows into town, leaving the locals unsettled and with a couple of visitors: Tama, a pacific island prince, and Madigan, a renegade sailor. Tama's profound hatred for brass music sees him in jail for destroying Grey's trumpet, while Griff’s plans to settle down are threatened by Madi. Warwick sends Laura a constant stream of flowers and love letters, which Max can’t help but mock.
  8. 8. I Name Thee Bay of Pearls
    October 14, 2000
    When Laura's mother, June, arrives in town, her suspiciously sudden appearance is more of an inconvenience than a pleasure for Laura, who is too caught up in her own life to sense her mother's sadness. Max plays along with Bob’s new tourist draw-Ye Olde Pearl Bay-for his own entertainment, but he comes to Bob’s rescue in an unexpected way.
  9. 9. Eminent Persons
    October 21, 2000
    Laura's ego is battered when she is not chosen to speak during Eminent Persons Week at Rupert's school. Laura heads off to the principal's office under the guise she is concerned about her son's education, but her visit brings Rupert's report card fraud to the attention of Ms. Philby. Perhaps worst of all for Laura, Warwick has asked her to marry him.
  10. 10. Checks and Balances
    October 28, 2000
    Laura is reluctant to spread the news of her impending marriage, but she is keen to sever all legal ties with Jack. However, when Jack pays Laura what he owes, she feels unexpectedly hollow. Construction work finally begins on the tunnel site, arousing Max's curiosity, and he’s not shy about sharing what he finds. Wife-less and facing a lengthy prison sentence, Bob Jelly decides to end it all.
  11. 11. Love in the Time of Coleridge
    November 4, 2000
    While Laura's on a one-way track to the altar, Max announces he has accepted a lucrative job with an international newspaper and will be leaving Pearl Bay-and Laura-behind. Of all things, a trivia night question causes Max to reassess his life. Meanwhile, Bob launches his mayoral campaign with Morton’s backing.
  12. 12. To Thine Own Self Be Relatively True
    November 11, 2000
    Laura desperately wants to be honest with Warwick about her night with Max, but the moment constantly eludes her. With the rocky Jelly marriage creating bad PR, Morton threatens Heather into supporting Bob to keep face, but Heather fights back. Max’s investigations into Morton’s enterprise reveal shocking information.
  13. 13. Half-Life
    November 18, 2000
    Laura suffers the fallout of a canceled wedding, while Miranda and Craig are arrested for trespassing after protesting at the tunnel site. When Laura learns all the police and legal authority in town are Morton's Port Deakin stooges, she quits her position as magistrate. The townsfolk pray for a miracle to save Pearl Bay, and Laura and Max have a momentous choice to make.

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