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What is the list of supported and unsupported devices for Prime Video Profiles?

Prime Video Profiles are not currently supported on all devices.

Prime Video Profile creation and management is supported on the following devices:

  1. Mobile/Tablet (Android and iOS.)
  2. Web (Desktop, mobile web and mShop.)
  3. Fire Tablets (Gen 10 and above Fire tablets will have profiles.)
  4. Living Room Devices (Prime Video app on Apple TV Gen 2 & 3, and those connected via Chromecast.)

    Note: Apple TV Gen 2/3 only allows for Profile switching. Profile management (creating, editing or deleting) is currently unavailable.

  5. Prime Video app on Fire TV (only Indian customers).

Prime Video profile creation and management is not supported on the following devices:

  1. Fire TV (through the Home Screen experience.)
  2. Alexa devices with a screen.
  3. Living Room Devices (except those connected via Chromecast, Apple TV Gen 2/3 models.)
  4. Fire Tablet Gen 9 tablets and below.

Note: In addition to the above devices, Echo Show mode on Fire tablets does not allow Profile creation, management and switching.

Note: Prime Video Profiles are currently available in selected countries only.

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