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Watch Parties Community Guidelines

Prime Video is committed to providing a great shared social video experience where all participants in Watch Parties can interact safely with one another. To achieve this goal, we ask that all users participate in a way that promotes a friendly, positive experience for our Watch Parties community.

In addition to our Prime Video Terms of Use, the following Community Guidelines (the "Guidelines") apply to Watch Parties. We may update these Guidelines periodically and we may adopt additional guidelines or specific exceptions for certain types of content.

We may disable or change Watch Parties features at any time without notice, at our sole discretion. To protect the integrity of our community, a Watch Party host or the host’s designated moderators have full discretion to determine who is permitted to participate in their Watch Party and may remove a participant temporarily or permanently for any reason, including violations of these Guidelines. We reserve the right to remove reported content, restrict your ability to use Watch Parties features, and suspend or terminate your account for any conduct that we determine to be inappropriate or harmful. Any attempt to circumvent a suspension by using other accounts may result in a further suspension or termination.

You, the Amazon account holder, are responsible for any improper use or violation of these Guidelines by anyone acting under your account's username and password. You should treat your username and password, and any other piece of information necessary to access Watch Parties as confidential.

Personal Use

The Watch Parties experience is intended for personal use; any use of Watch Parties for a commercial purpose is prohibited.

A Communal Experience

Watch Party participants can control playback options during a Watch Party. Participant control of playback will be ON by default. Hosts can turn off this option in the player controls. You can exit the Watch Parties experience at any time and pick up where you left off outside of the experience.

Joining Watch Parties

Do not re-share a Watch Parties invitation with others unless you have been authorized by the Watch Parties host. All recipients of the invitation, including those who received the invitation from individuals other than the Watch Parties host will be able to join and participate in the Watch Party.

We may provide you with features enabling you to use social media to invite others to share your Watch Parties experience. These features must be used in accordance with these Guidelines.

Username Selection

When you join Watch Parties, the name that you submit will be visible to all Watch Parties participants. When selecting a username, please be aware of the risks associated with using your real name or any personal information because it may be traceable back to you. Names should also be respectful and age appropriate in accordance with these Guidelines.

Watch Parties Chat Content

Watch Parties chat is meant to provide a forum for discussion. You may not agree with all of the messages in a Watch Party, but keep in mind that something that may be disagreeable to you may not violate these Guidelines. Your participation in Watch Parties must always be respectful of others so that Watch Parties remains a welcoming, non-commercial forum. In particular:

  • Hateful Conduct: Hateful conduct is any content or activity that promotes, encourages, or facilitates discrimination, denigration, objectification, harassment, or violence based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, serious medical condition or veteran status, and is prohibited.
  • Harassment: Harassment is any content or activity that attempts to intimidate, degrade, abuse, or bully others, or creates a hostile environment for others, and is prohibited.
  • Advertisements, Promotions and Marketing: Advertisements, promotions and marketing of any content, products, or services are prohibited.
  • Dangerous or Unlawful Content: Chat content that promotes, endorses, or incites the viewer to engage in illegal, dangerous or harmful acts is prohibited.
  • Age Appropriate Chat: Chat should be appropriate to the age range of the title you are watching as a group. If a title is intended for all audiences, the chat should also be reflective of the family-friendly rating.
  • Sexually Explicit Chat: Chat content that glorifies or depicts sexual or indecent acts or incites or is intended to elicit a sexual or indecent response may be considered objectionable by other participants and is prohibited.

We do not guarantee any confidentiality in relation to any content you share. You will be solely responsible for your own content and the consequences of participating in chat. We do not endorse or sanction any content, opinion, recommendation, or advice shared within Watch Parties and we expressly disclaim any and all liability in connection with such content.

Watch Parties chat history will be visible to all other chat participants for the duration of the Watch Party. The chat history of Watch Parties will not be saved or accessible to the host or participants once the Watch Party ends.

Breaking the Law

You must respect all applicable local, national, and international laws while using Watch Parties.

Unauthorized Soliciting or Sharing of Private Information

Do not invade the privacy of others. It is prohibited to share content that may reveal personal information about individuals, or their private property, without permission. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Sharing personally identifiable information (such as real name, location, or ID)
  • Sharing restricted or protected social profiles or any information from those profiles
  • Sharing Watch Parties chat content with any third-party, including but not limited to screenshots or information about other Watch Parties participants
  • Soliciting personally identifiable information (such as real name, location, or ID) from other Watch Parties participants
  • Soliciting personal information for commercial purposes


Content or activity meant to impersonate an individual or organization is prohibited, especially if you are intending to impersonate Amazon or Prime Video.

Spam, Scams and Other Malicious Conduct

Any content or activity that disrupts, interrupts, harms, or otherwise violates the integrity of Watch Parties or another user's experience or device is prohibited. Such activity includes:

  • Posting large amounts of repetitive, unwanted messages
  • Phishing
  • Defrauding others
  • Spreading malware, viruses or inappropriate or malicious content
  • Misinformation (such as feigning distress, posting misleading metadata, or intentional content misrepresentation)
  • Selling or sharing user accounts
  • Using any automatic device or means to access Watch Parties for any purpose, including monitoring or copying any of the material on Watch Parties, data mining, data harvesting, data extracting, or any other similar activity
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to, circumvent, interfere with, damage or disrupt any parts of Watch Parties or any server, computer or database connected to Watch Parties