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Silent Witness

The departure of Professor Sam Ryan means that the forensic pathology department is now headed by doctors Leo Dalton and Harry Cunningham. Together, they and new recruit Nikki Alexander tackle a variety of mysterious deaths: a spate of drive-by shootings; a possible copycat sex killer preying on women in both London and Amsterdam; and an emotional return to Sheffield for Leo.
William GaminaraTom WardEmilia Fox
English [CC]
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  1. 1. Ghosts, Pt. 1
    July 25, 2005
    When his wife and teenaged daughter are involved in a hit and run car crash, Leo begins a painful journey back to his native Sheffield. Leo struggles to accept the facts and soon finds himself at odds with the Sheffield team investigating the incident. Back in London Nikki investigates the murders of two unidentified women and she too finds the police uncooperative.
  2. 2. Ghosts, Pt. 2
    July 26, 2005
    A submachine gun attack on a group of teenagers outside a London nightclub brings the team into the unfamiliar urban world of street gangs on the decaying inner-city estates. Meanwhile Nikki uncovers the decomposed body of a drug addict and finds herself in conflict with a detective who believes that such deaths are so common they are hardly worth investigating.
  3. 3. Choices, Pt. 1
    August 1, 2005
    When her grandmother passes away, Nikki begins to have doubts about her profession. Meanwhile, the team is drawn into the investigation of a series of brutal and apparently entirely motiveless murders - and a killer who seemingly needs to look his victims in the face as they die.
  4. 4. Choices, Pt. 2
    August 2, 2005
    A paranoid schizophrenic goes on a violent frenzy in a busy high street and two people are left dead. Then when a young man from the same care home commits suicide, Nikki becomes convinced that there is a connection. Meanwhile Harry tries to find the truth about a teenage suicide's death for her devastated mother, and Leo investigates the murder of a bank manager.
  5. 5. The Meaning of Death, Pt. 1
    August 8, 2005
    Harry is called to investigate the death of Dawn Pivcevic, who seemingly drowned in a paddling pool containing three inches of water.
  6. 6. The Meaning of Death, Pt. 2
    August 9, 2005
    Harry discovers that the woman who drowned was pregnant, and the team gradually begins to collate evidence from the kidnap case. As Nikki struggles to deal with her own feelings about faith and death, her search brings her face to face with the darkest of killers.
  7. 7. Mind and Body, Pt. 1
    August 15, 2005
    When members of a syndicate owning a prize race horse are killed in a helicopter crash, Leo and Harry investigate a complex betting scam.
  8. 8. Mind and Body, Pt. 2
    August 16, 2005
    Nikki's investigation takes an unexpected turn when she reaches January House Care Centre and finds that Morrie has tried to commit suicide.

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