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Hawaii Five-O (Classic)

IMDb 7.31978NR
Irish terrorists, modern-day pirates and Soviet spies are just some of the corrupt characters crossing paths with detective and Five-O crime squad leader Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) in the 10th season of the long-running, Emmy-winning police series.
Jack LordJames MacArthurZulu
English [CC]
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  1. 1. Up The Rebels
    September 15, 1977
    An Irish Terrorist engineers a hijacking from a U.S. military facility of a load of exotic new explosives for the purpose of smuggling it to northern Ireland.
  2. 2. You Don't See Many Pirates These Days
    September 22, 1977
    Italian actor Rossano Brazzi plays a wealthy shipping magnate who enlists the aid of Five-O Chief McGarrett and the Coast Guard when one of his freighters is hijacked on the high seas.
  3. 3. The Cop on the Cover
    September 29, 1977
    An aggressive magazine writer, Tern O'Brien, arrives in Hawaii to do a story on McGarrett just after the two teenage children of nuclear technologist Stuart Longworth are kidnapped. Terri presumptuously gives him her running critique of his handling of the case. Her reactions become so negative and indignant that they actually threaten to obstruct McGarrett's investigation.
  4. 4. The Friends of Joey Kalima
    October 13, 1977
    Honolulu Police Department officer, Joey Kalima, a friend of Steve McGarrett, is accused of over-looking an illegal bookmaking act perpetrated in a private home. He was a guest in the home when it was raided by the vice squad. The officer asks McGarrett to represent him at the Internal Affairs board of inquiry.
  5. 5. Descent of the Torhces
    October 20, 1977
    McGarrett and his Five-O crew seek the killer of an archeologist who may have died because of the rumor that he was trying to find and excavate the lost grave of the Hawaiian king, Kamehameha, thereby violating an ancient taboo.
  6. 6. The Ninth Step
    October 27, 1977
    Steve McGarrett's quest for two fugitives from the law who were involved in a sensational armored truck robbery and who may try a repeat performance, is complicated by the sudden appearance of a disgraced former Honolulu cop whose seemingly drunken behavior permitted the robbery.
  7. 7. Shake Hands with the Man in the Moon
    November 10, 1977
    McGarrett must deal with an astronaut turned real-estate salesman in order to crack the case of a murdered reporter.
  8. 8. Deadly Doubles
    November 17, 1977
    When a Russian tennis star wants to defect, McGarrett must work to prevent an international incident.
  9. 9. Deep Cover
    December 8, 1977
    A secret submarine, the murder of a Navy officer and strange amnesia create a puzzling case for Steve McGarrett.
  10. 10. Tsunami
    December 22, 1977
    The entire population of Honolulu, including even as shrewd a cynic as Five-O's McGarrett, is bamboozled by a clique of brilliant young University students who engineer a phony tidal wave alert in order to pull off the heist of millions of dollars worth of jewelry.
  11. 11. East Wind, Ill Wind
    December 29, 1977
    Dr. Salgee Sandanarik, exiled from the tyranny of his native land, dies in a watery tragedy. Five-O Chief Steve McGarrett assumes the death to have been an accident, but Sandanarik's widow bluntly and, as it happens, accurately, brands it as murder. McGarrett soon comes around to Mme.
  12. 12. Tread the King's Shadow
    January 5, 1978
    McGarrett becomes the unofficial watchdog of a love triangle consisting of 18-year-old David Kaluna, David's sweetheart 16-year-old Debbie Cameron, and George Cameron, Debbie's wealthy and influential father who detests David for his lowborn origin.
  13. 13. The Big Aloha
    January 12, 1978
    Eleanor Parker guest stars as Constance Kincaid, the aristocratic matriarch of a wealthy, old-line Islands family that figures in a murder case being investigated by Steve McGarrett and his staff.
  14. 14. As Short Walk on the Long Shore
    February 2, 1978
    With the help of a makeup expert, McGarrett, for the first time in his career, goes undercover in the disguise of a merchant seaman to find the killer of a labor-union reformer to forestall a costly waterfront strike.
  15. 15. The Silk Trap
    February 9, 1978
    David Birney guest stars as a glamorous young politician who is considered prime presidential material in many quarters and who is being blackmailed in an effort to force him to smother an explosive congressional investigation that he is directing.
  16. 16. Head to Head
    February 16, 1978
    In an strange turn of events, Steve McGarrett, in pursuing a bigtime drug dealer whom he suspects of having killed a Honolulu police officer, finds himself in bitter conflict with a federal agent.
  17. 17. Tall on the Wave
    March 2, 1978
    Steve McGarrett and agent Danny Williams are enmeshed with a pair of frightened surfers, one of whom was actually responsible for the death of a girl, and the other who is on the run because he is strongly suspected of it.
  18. 18. Angel In Blue
    March 9, 1978
    A Honolulu police officer, working undercover for Five-O in order to smash a large scale narcotics operation, is found murdered. The obvious conclusion is that his masquerade was detected by the drug-smuggling group headed by Thomas Lynch. McGarrett decides to infiltrate Lynch's operation with another undercover cop. An officer from the island of Maui seems perfect for the job.
  19. 19. When Does a War End?
    March 16, 1978
    Why are the firms owned by Yuhio Muromoto, a prosperous, respected Japanese- American business-man who appears to have the virtuous character of a saint, being bombed by a collector of World War II memorabilia? That's the question confounding Five-O Chief McGarrett.
  20. 20. Invitation to Murder
    March 23, 1978
    Steve McGarrett is caught up in a series of puzzling murders immediately following the death of a famed artist whose estate seems to be the target of a killer.
  21. 21. Frozen Assets
    March 30, 1978
    A mystery writer examines strange occurrences in experiments with a cryogenics institute. (Cryogenics is the freezing of living material for preservation for future use.)
  22. 22. My Friend, The Friend
    April 13, 1978
    Luciana Paluzzi plays an international news reporter whose unwillingness to reveal her source for an impending kidnapping creates an international incident involving the Middle East.
  23. 23. A Stranger in His Grave
    April 27, 1978
    The baffling discovery in a cane field of the body of wealthy Hawaiian horsebreeder Frank Kealoha, whose startled widow claims he was formally interred four months earlier, leads Five-O boss McGarrett into an investigation of two -- possibly three -- related murders.
  24. 24. A Death in the Family
    May 4, 1978
    Chin Ho Kelly, a longtime member of the Five-O force and friend of McGarrett's, is caught in the middle of an undercover chinatown operation and is killed.

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