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Hawaii Five-O (Classic)

IMDb 7.31974NR
In Season 6 of the popular procedural set in America's own paradise, Detective Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord), Detective "Danno" Williams (James MacArthur) and the rest of the Five-O squad continue to foil the bad guys, including con men using fake diamonds to scam tourists.
Jack LordJames MacArthurZulu
English [CC]
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  1. 1. Hookman
    September 11, 1973
    A double amputee sets out to avenge the loss of his hands by killing every law officer who, he feels, contributed to his maiming. His sniper style assassination of a Honolulu policeman launches McGarrett and his Five-O force into a desperate effort to stop him before he can kill other lawmen.
  2. 2. Draw Me A Killer
    September 18, 1973
    McGarrett attempts to solve the riddle of a series of apparently motiveless slayings that come at six week intervals. The slayings -- of a sailor, banker, pawnbroker and lawyer -- leave the Five-O unit without clues to the identity of the killer.
  3. 3. Charter For Death
    September 25, 1973
    Nehemiah Persoff guest stars as Leo Paoli, a deported mobster fleeing a Corsican exile and trying to get a cache of $5-million. Meanwhile, McGarrett and the Coast Guard board the derelict schooner left abandoned by the fleeing Paoli, unaware of the plague-carrying rodents aboard.
  4. 4. One Big Happy Family
    October 2, 1973
    A family of ruthless nickel-and-dime killers, having already left a trail of death across the mainland, start a new wave of terror when they reach Hawaii. The wanton family mystifies McGarrett and the Five-O unit when a thorough investigation can find no big pay-off for a series of terrible killings.
  5. 5. The Sunday Torch
    October 9, 1973
    A peculiar pattern of arson send McGarrett and his Five-O force searching for clues to the identity of a fire-bug who strikes on weekends. A young man who fits the classic profile of a pyromaniac is carefully set up in what appears to be a foolproof frame.
  6. 6. Tricks Are Not Treats
    October 23, 1973
    The assassination of one of Honolulu's most active flesh peddlers threatens an all-out war between two competing vice empires and brings McGarrett and the governor's office into action to avert gang-style warfare.
  7. 7. Murder is a Taxing Affair
    October 16, 1973
    A corrupt federal tax agent, pursuing a criminal under indictment for tax evasion, sees his last chance to strike it rich and kills the fugitive for $600,000 in hot money.
  8. 8. Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies?
    October 30, 1973
    Steve McGarrett investigates a string of five murders of wealthy men and enlists the aid of an undercover agent from the mainland to reveal a pay-before-death inheritance scheme.
  9. 9. Flash of Color, Flash of Death
    November 6, 1973
    An opal smuggler and killer, Jeff Hobbs, is set up by a glamorous Eurasian woman who clears the way for her accomplices to enter a Honolulu jewelry store and rob him and the jeweler of a fortune in opals. Although Hobbs appears to be a reputable gem merchant, McGarrett becomes suspicious of him during his investigation into a series of Honolulu jewel thefts.
  10. 10. A Bullet for El Diablo
    November 13, 1973
    Maria Ramos, the daughter of a despised Latin American dictator, is kidnapped near her University of Hawaii dormitory, and her father arrives in Honolulu within hours to oversee plans for her rescue. Maria is returned safely, but shortly after, her dictator-father, known as El Diablo, is murdered.
  11. 11. The Finishing Touch
    November 20, 1973
    The murder of a printer and the discovery of a forged municipal bond send McGarrett to a documents expert for help in investigating a destructive ring of forgeries of government securities. But McGarrett becomes suspicious of Norman Cargill, the man he called in to help him, when, curiously, authentic documents that should have the fingerprints of certain bank employees on them do not.
  12. 12. Anybody Can Build a Bomb
    November 27, 1973
    Lew Ayres guest stars as Dr. Elias Haig, a nuclear physicist caught up in a brazen extortion scheme. The conspirators demand $100,000,000 cash from the government in exchange for their assurance not to blow up a portion of Honolulu with an atomic bomb.
  13. 13. Try To Die on Time
    December 4, 1973
    Comedian Jack Carter makes a rare television dramatic appearance when he guest stars as gambler Harry Foxton, central figure in a macabre $240,000 lottery based on the projected hour of his death. Five-O must unravel a complicated web of relationships and sort out a tangled skein of clues which seem to defy solution.
  14. 14. The $100,000 Nickel
    December 11, 1973
    Victor Buono guest stars as Eric Damien, an international thief, who enlists a carnival sleight-of-hand artist to steal a nickel valued by coin experts at $100,000. The theft is discovered and the thief, Arnie Price, panics and drops the rare coin into a newspaper vending machine. Damien then kid-naps Price's wife and demands the return of the coin in exchange for the woman's life.
  15. 15. The Flip Side is Death
    December 18, 1973
    A daring bank robbery carried out under the cover of a mock military emergency sends McGarrett and his Five-O detectives to the windward side of Oahu. McGarrett turns to the sparsely populated part of Oahu and a posh resort hotel when an apparently insignificant clue -- a golf ball -- is found near one of the abandoned Army vehicles used in the robbery.
  16. 16. One Born Every Minute
    January 8, 1974
    A bunco game using phony diamonds as bait and preying on well-heeled male Waikiki tourists sends McGarrett and Five-O into action in an attempt to head off a sinister racket. The bunco artists em-ploy a beautiful girl as their come-on, but the con game seems to go awry when one of the victims plunges to his death from the window of a Honolulu hotel.
  17. 17. Secret Witness
    January 15, 1974
    A young man, Ted Reynolds, is an eyewitness to a murder, then becomes the next target of the assassin. In his flight from the assassin, Reynolds loses his library card, and the card is quickly put to use by the killer, who starts an all-out-hunt for Reynolds.
  18. 18. Murder with a Golden Touch
    January 29, 1974
    A bunco scheme revolving around a million dollars in sunken treasure sends McGarrett and Five-O on an investigation that stretches halfway around the world and to the Pacific depths off Oahu.
  19. 19. Death With Father
    January 22, 1974
    Jack Lord makes his directing debut with this episode about a retired Federal narcotics agent whose son becomes embroiled in a heroin refining operation. McGarrett becomes suspicious of the activities of young Tom Morgan, a university chemistry major, when an informer tells him that the son of ex-narcotics agent Cliff Morgan is making "smack" for an international syndicate.
  20. 20. The Banzai Pipeline
    January 1, 1974
    The Banzai Pipeline, one of the world's most exciting and dangerous surfing beaches, forms the backdrop for a trio of slayings. McGarrett, attempting to build a land-fraud indictment against a swindler, is thwarted when the man is found murdered near the Pipeline.
  21. 21. Nightmare in Blue
    February 5, 1974
    McGarrett calls on attractive HPD policewomen, senior officers and scientific technology when the Five-O force is confronted by a series of five rape-murders. One of the enigmas McGarrett must investigate concerns the fact that the murderer-rapist seems to have gained the confidence of his victims.
  22. 22. Mother's Deadly Helper
    February 12, 1974
    Anthony Zerbe guest stars as a right-wing extremist who embarks on a murderous crusade against what he considers laxity in law enforcement and too-lenient judges. After the case against hit-man Joseph Furika is dismissed for lack of evidence, he is murdered in the street outside the courthouse.
  23. 23. Killer at Sea
    February 19, 1974
    Impressionist John Byner makes his dramatic debut as a shipboard comedian beset by gambling debts. McGarrett and Five-O become involved while investigating the robberykidnapping of business manager Vincent Gordon on board a cruise ship, described only as "a man in a Panama hat."
  24. 24. 30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key
    February 26, 1974
    A well-to-do, stylish, Raffles-type jewel thief steals from Waikiki hotel rooms for the thrill of the chase. As his calling card, he leaves a series of clues which add up to an elegant method of operation. McGarrett sets a trap for the thief, but the thief eludes him with a stunning ploy -- and then sends him an engraved invitation to the next intended burglary.

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