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Personalize Your Prime Video Recommendations

Improve your content recommendations using the Thumbs up and Thumbs down buttons.

Personalize Your Recommendations

  • You can use the Thumbs up / Thumbs down feature on the detail page of movies and TV shows.
  • When you use Thumbs up on a title, we’ll show you more content that is similar to that title. When you use Thumbs down on a title, we won’t recommend it anymore. You can still find this content by searching for it.
  • If you make a mistake and want to undo a Thumbs up / Thumbs down selection, use the same button again to undo your selection, or select the opposite to change your preference.
  • Each profile saves personalized Thumbs up / Thumbs down preferences, so recommendations on one profile don’t impact other profiles on the account.
  • Kids profiles can’t submit Thumbs up / Thumbs down preferences.
Note: Some older devices may not show the Thumbs up / Thumbs down feature. Visit the Prime Video website or try a newer device to submit your preferences.