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US Open Support

Here is what to do if you're having issues watching live coverage of the US Open on Prime Video.

Questions & Answers

1) Do I have to pay extra to watch the US Open on Prime Video?

Prime members in the UK and Ireland can watch the US Open on Prime Video for no additional fees. Non-Prime members can start a 30-day free trial of Prime (£8.99/month or £95/year), or our Prime Video subscription (£5.99/month). For more information visit

2) When will 2022 US Open coverage start on Prime Video?

Prime members in the UK and Ireland can watch the following coverage:

  • Qualifying Tournament: August 23th - August 26th.
  • Main Draw Tournament: August 29th - September 11th.

3) Which qualifying matches will Prime Video broadcast?

Prime Video will broadcast all televised courts across the 4 days, with English commentary provided on the top court of the day.

4) What will Prime Video broadcast during the Main Draw Tournament?

Our coverage will broadcast all televised courts across the tournament.

5) Will all matches in the Main Draw (29th August - September 11th) have commentary?

Prime Video will offer commentary in English language on up to five courts - Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium, Court #17, and in the first week two additional courts. Our daily "Coverage & Highlights" will always have commentary.

6) Can I have the court ambient sound without commentary?

Prime Video will have one audio option so all matches will have commentary as the default experience.

7) Can I stream the US Open on twitch?

Prime Video's coverage of the US Open will not be available on Twitch

8) How can I catch up on matches I have missed?

All broadcast matches will be available on demand up to 15 minutes after the match has ended. Daily highlights will be available the following morning by 10 am, covering the best action in both day and night sessions. Highlights can be accessed via the dedicated highlights page from the US Open Tournament page.

9) Where can I watch Prime Video's live studio tennis coverage?

Select our daily "Coverage & Highlights" which will cover the best match ups throughout the day and always have commentary and presenter analysis when available.

10) How can I check who is playing, and what time a match starts?

All upcoming match detail pages will be available up to 8 hours before matches start. You can access match pages via the Prime Video homepage, Sports page, and the US Open tournament page.

11) I'm receiving a location error when attempting to watch.

US Open is available to customers based in the UK and Ireland. We don't have the broadcast rights for other territories. Ireland customers will be able to access the stream if within the European Union. All other international locations are not supported. Prime Video doesn't support streaming content through Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy connections. To watch Prime Video, you must disable these services on your device or try switching to another available connection.

12) I'm in Ireland, but still cannot access your tennis coverage. What can I do?

If you're trying to access US Open via web browser in Ireland, you will need to go to If you're still experiencing issues, please Contact Us by clicking the "Start chatting" or "Call me" button at the bottom of this page.

13 Can I watch US Open matches while travelling?

Prime members residing within Ireland, will have the ability to watch live tennis matches, replays and highlights while travelling within the European Union. All other international locations are not supported.

14) What other information is available?

Visit our help pages here , or get help from other fans via the Amazon customer forums. Still have questions? Please contact us.